School Profile

St Winifred’s Catholic Nursery and Infant School and St Winifred’s Catholic Junior School formally amalgamated on 1st April 2016 to become St Winifred’s Catholic Primary School.

St. Winifred’s Catholic Primary School is a voluntary aided school which is situated on two sites. It is growing to become a two form entry school. Currently we have two forms in Reception and Key Stage 1.

The first St. Winifred’s was built in 1892 and stood in Effingham Road where Nursery, Reception and Year 1 classes are currently educated.  The Junior School in Newstead Road was opened in 1969. Currently, Years 2 to 6 are educated at this site. An extensive building programme has been planned in order to move all our children on to the Newstead Road site.

It is the parish  school of Our Lady of Lourdes, Lee.

The Effingham Road site focuses very much on early years and nurtures the development of all aspects of learning for our youngest children. Space is limited but used very effectively to ensure the best possible provision for every child. We have worked hard to maintain a very stimulating and well resourced environment which supports the needs of all our children.

The Newstead  Road site has a great deal more space and allows the children to build on their early learning and flourish in all areas. We have a beautiful and well cared for environment. All staff strive to make the classrooms attractive to stimulate the interest of the children. Each pair of classrooms shares an adjoining area which is very well resourced.   There is a bright and spacious hall for P.E., dance, singing and drama and an attractive and well-stocked library. Music has a very high profile in our school and we have very well resourced a music room.  The school building is set in attractive grounds including a large playground, paved and grassed areas.

The children are allocated to year groups according to age (1st September – 31st August).  Children with Special Educational Needs including those with Education and Health Care Plans will be educated alongside their peers either in small groups or individually.

As a Catholic school, gospel values permeate all aspects of school life. It is our aim to provide an environment where the dignity and worth of each individual is recognised, respected and nurtured.

We believe that parents have an extremely important role to play in the education of their child. By working in partnership with the school, together we can provide the very best opportunities for our children.