18th January 2019

Notes for your diary
After school clubs start next week

Friends meeting – Friday 25th January from 2-3pm – venue tbc

29th January        Session for parents and carers focusing on supporting children to build strong resilience

6th March             Parent/carer and teacher meetings   3.30 – 6pm
7th March             Parent/carer and teacher meetings   4.30 – 7pm

On Monday, we had a visit from Margaret Mizen and we were able to present her with a cheque for £265.40. This was raised through our ‘Jumpers for Jimmy’ day before Christmas. Margaret spoke to all our KS2 pupils in assembly, about her work to spread peace, forgiveness and hope. We are also working to nurture these values in our school community.

Supporting your child to build strong resilience

The world is becoming more complicated, more stressful and more challenging for children growing up today. With so many challenges to deal with, children need all of the resilience and strength they can gather as they grow and develop. Would you like to learn about how your child’s brain is developing and what you can do to help them to develop a strong mind-set and emotional resilience to cope with everyday stress?

On Tuesday 29th January, Christina Enright, an experienced Child and Family Psychotherapist will be delivering a really inspirational talk for parents and carers about developing resilience in children.

This session will be will be held in our school hall at 6.30 and will last about an hour. It would be great to see you there as it is guaranteed to be excellent. We will run a crèche and provide refreshments for you.

Fortnite and other On-line activity

Many of our pupils talk excitedly about the games they play on their electronic devices. Whilst it is great to see them having fun, clearly many of these games have inappropriate content, are often extremely violent, promote offensive language and leave children very vulnerable as they are often interacting with other players who are much older. A number of our pupils are becoming addicted to gaming and spending excessive amounts of time on-line; often very late at night. Some have been very disturbed by online bullying, terrifying images which keep them awake at night and encouragement to self-harm.

 Please be really vigilant when your child is using their electronic device. It is much easier to monitor online activity when devices are not used in bedrooms. Please check whether your child is old enough to be allowed to play games or use the social media which they are accessing. Please be extra vigilant if your child uses ‘You tube’ and ensure parental controls are set up. There are many wonderful resources which your child can access online but they need you to guide them in this as you do on all other areas of their development.

 If you need any support in this area please let us know. You can also find lots of excellent advice and support on the ‘Childnet’ website: https://www.childnet.com/

 ‘Childnet’ will be running our annual session for parents/carers at the end of this term and they will also run sessions for our pupils.

Please follow this link for information about Fortnite: http://www.swcps.lewisham.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/A-parents-guide-to-Fortnite.pdf

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch
Lots of classes are taking part in the annual RSPB big schools birdwatch this half term. The children have been getting really excited preparing bird feeders to encourage spotting as many birds as possible. The RSPB also organise a Big Garden Birdwatch which is taking place on 26-28 January 2019. It takes place over three days, so if you fancied joining in but you’re busy over the weekend or if the weather’s bad, you have the option of a third day! 

If you are interested in doing this as a family and wanted to find out more information follow to link below


Lewisham Music  
Please follow this link for the January 2019 Lewisham Music Newsletter:  https://mailchi.mp/634ff6b61a91/lewisham-music-newsletter-jan2019?e=cd1b53fba5

Our Lady of Lourdes parish

1st Communion Programme 2018/19 – Our Lady of Lourdes Lee

The next session will be tomorrow, Saturday 19th January 2019, for the children in the church and for the parents in the hall, both at 10:00am . Please do arrive before 10:00am so that the sessions can start and finish on time; teas and coffees will be available in the hall from 9:45am. We will be covering chapter 7 “Peace”.

Chorus of Our Lady of Lourdes Lee

The next performance is on the evening of Saturday 23rd March 2019. This will be the Chorus’ 10th anniversary and they will be performing extracts from Handel’s Messiah. Rehearsals are on Monday evenings at 8:00pm in the church and as ever the chorus would always encourage and welcome new people to join. You don’t need to be able to read music or been in a choir before – you just need to have enthusiasm! Don’t worry if you think it is too late to join, they have only had two rehearsals so far and there is still plenty of time to catch up!                                                 

Message from the Friends

Welcome back and a Happy New Year from the Friends! We hope you all had a great Christmas break.
We had a busy and successful Autumn Term thanks to all the parents and carers, teachers and children supporting us in our efforts and we expect an equally busy and fun-filled Spring Term. Watch this space…
You may remember that some of the pupils at St Winifred’s got together just before Christmas to write and send Christmas cards and small gifts to the children who would be spending Christmas in Lewisham hospital. The hospital staff, parents and children were thrilled to receive so many thoughtful, beautifully written cards. We have received a letter of thanks from the hospital which we can share with you – a copy is available to read on the Friend’s noticeboard.
We are meeting next week to discuss our plans for this term. If you want to come along and hear our plans or bring some new ideas to the table, please join us. The meeting will take place on Friday 25th January from 2-3pm – venue tbc. Get in touch with your class rep or email the Friends and we’ll put you on the list: stwinifredsfriendsse12@gmail.com. If you have any ideas of what you might like to see we are always looking out for something new and fun to do. Keep an eye out in the newsletter and on the noticeboard for future events and dates for your diary.
The Friends: Amii, Andrea, Bakiyath, Carina, Charlene, Guiseppe, Jo, Lara, Louise, Omar, Rachel, Sharon and Visnja


Please support your child by ensuring they are in school before the bell is rung each morning. Lots of our pupils are arriving late every day and missing the beginning of their learning.  All classes including  Nursery and Reception, are expected to start their school day at 8.45.

Class Attendance Late Class Attendance Late
Reception C 95% 6 Year 3F 96% 4
Reception BC 96% 2 Year 4T 99% 3
Year 1A 87% 12 Year 4CW 97% 4
Year 1LC 93% 11 Year 5K 98% 8
Year 2A 98% 4 Year 5F 96% 7
Year 2M 98% 2 Year 6F 98% 0
Year 3W 99% 2 Year 6M 95% 3

Wrap up warmly and have a really lovely weekend.

Margaret Hanrahan