23rd February, 2018

Notes for your diary

6th March             Parent/carer and teacher meetings  3.30 – 6

7th March             Parent/carer and teacher meetings  4.30 – 7

Dear Parents and Carers,

Don’t forget to make your appointments for the parent/carer/teacher meetings.

Events this week

This week all our year 5 and 6 pupils went on an amazing trip to the Globe theatre. They have been learning about Shakespeare with a particular focus on ‘Macbeth’ this term, so this visit enabled them to really enrich their understanding.


Please support our school by parking lawfully and with consideration and respect for our neighbours. Please ensure that you are not endangering your child or anyone else by the way you are behaving when driving your child to school.

Please do not park on the double yellow lines opposite the school gate. If cars park in this area, it means that passing traffic has to drive on the wrong side of the road and cannot see vehicles coming in the other direction or children trying to cross the road.

Having a disabled badge only allows parking on double yellow lines if there is no danger to others.  Therefore this is not an appropriate place for anyone to park.

Please ensure that family members or child-minders and cabdrivers are aware that they must never park on this corner.

Please do not stop in the middle of the road or on the zig-zags to drop your child off.

A few years ago, there was a terrible accident outside our school. I will never, ever forget what I saw that day. It was a horrendous life-changing day for one of our families.  Each time I see a near miss outside our school I hold my breath and pray that this will not happen again. Please keep our school and local area safe.

World  Book Day

1st March is World Book Day. We will be taking part by allowing the children to dress up as a book character. Examples include, Willy Wonka, Matilda, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Cat in the hat, Angelina Ballerina, Gangster granny, Mr Bump, Hetty Feather or Goldilocks.

We will also be having a Great St Winifred’s Book Swap, where children can bring in books at home that are no longer wanted to swap for other books.

We look forward to seeing your home-made costumes!

We have given a more detailed  letter to all pupils and sent you an email. Please click on this link if you have not received your copy.

School Meals Years 3 – 6

School meal cost for this half term, 19th February until 29th March, is £60.90 or £10.50 per week/£2.10 per day. This is payable either weekly or in advance but not in arrears. If you believe you have any credit from last half term, please contact the office where we will be happy to help you.

Lewisham Music

Please follow this link to access the February Music Newsletter: http://www.swcps.lewisham.sch.uk/test-post/

Our Lady of Lourdes parish

First Communion Programme 2017/18

The next session will be this Saturday 24th February. The children will be in the church and the parents in the hall, both at 10:00am. Please do arrive before 10:00am so that the sessions can start and finish on time; teas and coffees will be available in the hall from 9:45am.

We will be covering Chapter 9 “The Greatest Gift”.  We will also be confirming which of the three Masses children will be making their 1st Communion at on the weekend of 23rd and 24th June and other items such as ties for the boys and Mass of Celebration planning.

Our Lady of Lourdes parish

Lenten Lunches : The tradition of providing soup lunches on the Sundays in Lent to help raise funds for charity continues this weekend. Please join us in the hall at 12:00 midday this Sunday – the Chorus of Our Lady of Lourdes are this week’s providers.

Events organised by Parents & Friends

Welcome back and we also hope you had a lovely half term.  There is lots coming up in this half term to look forwards to and firstly next Friday 2nd March the Family Bingo Night in the Main Hall

Doors open at 6.15pm for 6.30pm start.  Come join us and play bingo with your family for great prizes.  Drinks and nibbles available for all.  £1 for adults, 50p children.  We really look forwards to seeing you there for what is always a very fun evening.

If you have any further prize donations we’d glad receive them – please drop to the office.

The Great St Winifred’s Easter Egg Hunt will be back on Tuesday 27th March.  All children from nursery to year 6 will get the chance to join the hunt and win an Easter Egg to take home.  Entry fee £1. To make this happen, we need your help to donate Easter Eggs.  We need over 400 to ensure every child has an egg so if you are able to donate more than one Egg that would be brilliant.

If your child has an allergy to anything in a chocolate egg, please let us know and provide a separated labelled egg (or suitable alternative).  Thank you for all your support.

Dates for your diaries

Cake Sale – 18th May – donations of cakes on the day

School Disco – June 2018 – volunteers required

Family Fun Day – 14th July – ideas welcome! 

Attendance & Punctuality for this week

Please ensure that your child arrives in the playground in time to line up (by 8.45 for all pupils from year 1 to 6) with their class when the bell is rung. If your child is coming in after their class each day then it is really important that you and your child leave home a little earlier to rectify this problem.

Total 47 late children throughout the school, congratulations to 1D and 2FM with no lates.

Class Attendance Lates Class Attendance Lates Class  Attendance Lates
Reception C 93% 2 Year 2CL 99% 4 Year 4T 94% 8
Reception B 88% 4 Year 2FM 94% 0 Year4L 98% 8
Year 1 A 94% 4 Year 3U 96% 6 Year 5K 96% 1
Year 1 D 98% 0 Year 3A 94% 3 Year 5/6F 99% 2
  Year 6M 99% 5

Have a really lovely weekend.

Margaret Hanrahan