22nd March 2019

Notes for your diary

School Photographer   Wednesday 27th March

Tuesday 2nd April – Easter Egg Hunt ( Yr 3 –  3rd April)

Break up for Easter 5th April – 3pm

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are zooming through the term, with just two more weeks to go!

This week, we have been enjoying our maths week. It was amazing to see so many of you at our evening and morning events. The children loved sharing their learning with you and helping each other. We were very proud of them all. Thank you so much for your support.  I hope you found this to be a really positive and informative experience. Please let us know, as we would like to hold other similar events if this would be helpful for you.


On Monday, 6F went to the British Museum for a talk and exhibition on the lives of the Ancient Maya to enrich and enhance their learning in history.

On Tuesday, we took part in a really special project. This project is led by globally renowned artist, Steve McQueen, with the Tate gallery, ‘Artangel’ and the educational charity ‘A New Direction’. Every Year 3 class across the capital has been invited to take part in one of the largest group portraits ever made and to see their class photograph among thousands of others in a vast exhibition at the prestigious Tate Britain in central London. It will appear as part of the free public exhibition at Tate Britain from November 2019 until May 2020 along with thousands of other class photographs from primary schools London-wide.

School Photographer

The school photographer will be here on Wednesday 27th March. This will be for individual, siblings in school, twins and class photos of the children from Nursery to Year 6 which will take place during the school day. Please ensure that your child comes to school in full school uniform. If you would like a family group of your children with siblings not of school age taken, please come to the Main Hall from 8.30 am.


Recently, we sent you a homework questionnaire in order to find out whether we should change our practice in this area. We received 27 responses overall. Only one response indicated that we should stop sending homework. About half asked for more and the rest asked for less. There was a huge variation in what you felt homework should look like. There was no consistent message from any class. When we asked the children there was a much bigger group who felt homework should be banned- as you would probably expect! Year 5 held a very impressive debate last week and gave excellent arguments for and against homework.

Our conclusion is that there is no solution to make everybody happy. We have discussed this as a staff and feel that we must continue to send homework but are aware that children may not manage to complete this for a range of reasons. We will encourage completion of homework but will not put sanctions in place if this is not completed. Homework will be marked and we will try to make feedback as helpful as possible, but teachers are already massively overloaded by marking of school work. We will try to make homework as interesting and creative as possible.

If you are unhappy about any aspect of your child’s work or need any support, please come and talk to your child’s teacher. This is always the best way to sort things out. Please remember that we are not putting your child under pressure to complete homework.

 Lent Pocket Money Pledge for Safe Havens

A group of our year 6 pupils (Lottie, Comfort, Denise and Elizabeth), have had a lovely idea to help make our local area safer for young people. They asked the other children to pledge a small part of their pocket money to the ‘For Jimmy Project’ each week during Lent.

This would actually be just three more weeks as we break up two weeks before Easter Sunday. I thought this was a wonderful idea as it came from the children and they really want to do something to make a difference to their local area to help children and young people who are in danger.

This is for children in years 1 to 6. Money can be brought in to class on a weekly basis rather than at the end of term. Pledges can be any small amount your child wants to give if they receive pocket money. They should not feel under any pressure and should only give part of their money. This is a good way to help our children to give something rather than expecting you to do so.

Our Year 5 pupils have been visiting businesses in our local area this week to ask if Safe Haven signs could be displayed in their windows. The children told me that everybody agreed to do this, so look out for these if you are walking past !

 Lenten Lunch @ Our Lady of Lourdes

I have been asked by a group of our former pupils to include the following notice in our news letter this week. It is really lovely that they all still keep in touch.

A group of Explorers & Scouts will be travelling to Kenya in 2020 for the charity “Harambee for Kenya”.  To help raise funds for the trip the group are selling cakes on Sunday 24th March at the coffee morning after 9am mass and they are also making soup for the Lenten lunch after 11am mass.

 The group are: Bridie and Connie, Matteo and Marco, Patrick, Sandy, Angus, James & Alex.

 Harambee is Swahili for “all pull together”.  The UK based charity has set up two safe houses in Kenya for homeless children.  The charity’s vision is to take children from the streets to a place of safety where they can sleep, receive medical help, be fed and educated.  It is their aim to see these young people become valued members of society.  You can find out more about the charity on their website harambeeforkenya.org.

 Whilst in Kenya, the group will be helping to maintain and improve the safe houses and will also offer help to neighbouring schools to help improve the lives of local children.

 Please come and join us after mass, your support is greatly appreciated.

 Nursery applications

Nursery applications for children starting in September 2019 (children born between 1/9/15 – 31/8/16) are due by 31st March 2019.

Our Lady of Lourdes parish

Our Lady of Lourdes – Lenten Lunches

Our annual Lenten Lunches continue this Sunday with the Explorer Scouts providing the soups, breads etc. for our community. Please do come along and support us from 12:00 midday in the church hall. All are welcome.

1st Communion Programme 2018/19 – Our Lady of Lourdes Lee

The next session will be on Saturday 30th March 2019 at 10:00am. For this session children & parents will be with the catechists in the church. Please do arrive before 10:00am so that the session can start and finish on time.  We will be covering chapter 3 “Baptism” (and Easter) and this is your reminder to bring a memento of your child’s (or maybe even your own) baptism to the session.

Chorus News:  The Concert to celebrate our tenth year of performing will be Handel’s Messiah and will take place in the church tomorrow (Saturday 23rd March) at 7-45pm.  This will be a performance in words and music of the great Oratorio and as usual we will be accompanied by the South Circular Orchestra. 
Link for flyer: http://www.swcps.lewisham.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Messiah-Poster-1-2.pdf

Even if you have never been to a concert like this before, please do come along and support this special occasion in the Chorus’ history as it celebrates the joy and community building it has brought to our church. Additionally there are several parents from St Winifred’s taking part who would welcome your support.

There is no charge for the performance which should last around 1 hour but there will be a retiring collection.  Please also join us afterwards for refreshments in the Parish Hall.

Message from the Friends

Message from the Friends

The much anticipated Easter Egg Hunt will take place this year on Tuesday 2nd April (Wednesday 3rd for Yr 3). For a small donation, the children are all invited to hunt for Easter Eggs hidden around the school grounds. The children LOVE this event so put the date in your diary and don’t forget to send your child in with £1!
Link for flyer: http://www.swcps.lewisham.sch.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Easter-Egg-Hunt.pdf
If your child has special dietary requirements, please speak to Miss Hanrahan or one of the Friends in advance. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out.

Attendance for this week


Class Attendance Late Class Attendance Late
Reception C 97% 7 Year 3F 91% 2
Reception BC 93% 1 Year 4T 98% 7
Year 1A 95% 9 Year 4CW 97% 4
Year 1LC 96% 11 Year 5K 96% 8
Year 2A 96% 4 Year 5F 98% 3
Year 2M 94% 0 Year 6F 86% 1
Year 3W 95% 5 Year 6M 94% 3

Have a really lovely weekend,

Margaret Hanrahan