Year 1 summer 1 – Town and Country


To read and write words with contractions (I’ll, I’m, we’ll and others). To become familiar with re-reading their own work to check that it makes sense. To continue with Phase 5 letters and sounds. To focus on handwriting and correct letter formation. To practise spelling all high frequency words correctly. To use correct punctuation in sentences including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. To experiment with creating and writing their own stories. Children should be reading to an adult at home every day for short spells of time to gain fluency and pace.


To count in 2s, 5s and 10s to 100. To read and write numbers to 100. To use a 100 square or a number line to add and subtract. To begin to understand multiplication as repeated addition and division as repeated grouping. To recognise, name and describe the features of 2D and 3D shapes. To recognise common coins and order them by value. To take and compare measurements using common units such as centimetres, millilitres and grams.

Religious Education:

The Resurrection – children will learn about the resurrection of Jesus and find out what happened when he appeared to the Disciples.  Children will understand that Jesus returned to Heaven after 40 days.


Plants – to identify and name a variety of common plants, including garden plants, wild plants and trees, and those classified as deciduous and evergreen.  Identify and describe the basic structure of common plants including roots, stem, leaves and flowers.


To look at the similarities and differences between urban and rural settings. To understand and use some simple geographical vocabulary to discuss places. To know the difference between human and physical features.

Art / Design Technology:

Observational drawings from real life experiences. Looking at a variety of famous artist’s work on still life and landscapes.  Creating their own work based on the styles of other artists.


“We are storytellers”.  Children will collaborate to create a talking book which they will share with others.  They will use sound-recording equipment to record sounds. Children will understand the importance of speaking clearly and with expression when telling a story.


Learning about the different sections in an orchestra, the names of the different musical instruments and the sounds they make.  Singing songs related to science on plants and growth.


Collaboration games using hoops and balls. Playing games to promote good listening and good spatial awareness.


Understanding what plants and humans need in order to survive.  Understanding the importance of treating the environment with respect – with specific reference to The Countryside Code.

Year 1 Spring 1

Happy New Year! We hope you had a lovely holiday. Our topic this half term is Homes and Materials.


Comparing non-fiction and fiction books related to our topic.

Writing sentences with a focus on using full stops, question marks and exclamation marks.

Using adjectives (describing words) to make sentences more interesting.

Continuing with Phase 5 letters and sounds.

Continuing focus on handwriting and correct letter formation.

Emphasis on now using correct spelling of key words in writing.

Please encourage your child to continue to practise reading to you every day and to practise spelling their key words correctly.


Number – number and place value, addition and subtraction, partitioning numbers into tens and ones (units), telling the time, directional language using a compass.

Measurement – comparing and measuring different capacities.

Please encourage your child to use the correct formation when writing numbers to 20 and to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.


Everyday materials – identify and name a variety of materials, describing and comparing their physical properties.  Some examples of materials are wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock.

Religious Education:

Families and celebrations – to know that we all belong to a family, to think about how we can love and help each other and to know that Mary, Joseph and Jesus are The Holy Family.

Art / Design Technology:

To examine the properties of different materials and the patterns they make.  To create 2D and 3D representations of polar animals. To make 3D models of different types of houses including detached and semi-detached houses.


To learn and sing songs related to our topic.  To explore different rhythms and patterns in music.


Polar regions – to find out about very cold regions in the extreme north and south of the planet and develop an awareness of their similarities and differences.  To consider how polar bears, penguins and people live in such cold places.


“We are painters” – to use the web safely and to create an illustration about a traditional tale, understanding that the use of ICT differs from using paint and paper.


Gymnastics – to gain an awareness of space and safety when moving around others and using equipment such as mats and benches.  To gain agility and grace through sequences of movements and travelling in different ways.  Children will aim to improve their confidence, determination and co-ordination skills.

Please note children must wear shorts (black) and a t-shirt (white) to take part in these lessons for safety reasons.  No tracksuit bottoms allowed.


Care and concern – to understand the importance of caring for young animals and babies.

To manage feelings appropriately and begin to resolve conflict issues independently.

School Trip:

Wednesday 6th February – children making pizzas at Pizza Express, Blackheath, exploring the changes that happen in food when heat is involved.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Anthony

Year 1 Autumn 1 – 2018

Welcome to Year 1!   The children have settled really well and we look forward to lots of exciting learning.  Our topic for this half term is called This is Me!   Here is what we will be focussing on in each subject area:

To write labels, captions and simple sentences.  To re-visit recognition of Phase 2 and Phase 3 letters and their sounds in order to read and write.  To focus on correct letter formation.  To share together and read a wide variety of books to help develop a love of stories and reading.


To count forwards and backwards in 1s to 30.  To recognise and write numbers to 30.  To begin to gain an understanding of place value.  To recognise and describe common 2D and 3D shapes.  To measure objects using non-standard units of measurement (hands, cubes etc). 

Religious Education

The Catholic Faith: Looking at ‘God’s Great Plan’ and exploring the beauty of God’s world through circle time discussions and activities, drawings, music and dance.


To name and understand the uses of the different parts of our body.  To explore our senses and the important role they play.  To discuss the importance of healthy eating (link to Harvest) and exercise and relate to growth.

Geography (alternating every half term with History)

To discuss ‘belonging’ in relation to our family, church and community.

To explore our local environment facilities.  To look at the different ways to keep safe. 

Art and Design

Still life and portraiture; to develop drawing skills and attention to detail.

To create collages related to the different food groups.  To make clay face masks of the young and old.


Singing songs related to Harvest, autumn and the different parts of our bodies.

Exploring instruments and controlling their sounds.

Physical Education

Circle games to promote turn taking and team games with a focus on ball skills.


Exploring programmable toys and using algorithms to make them move.


Building an awareness of self and others and rights and responsibilities in relation to behaviour for learning.  To explore our feelings.

Dates for your diary

Tuesday 18th September – Meet the Teacher meeting at 6.30pm to 7.00pm in your child’s classroom.  

Tuesday 9th October – Visit to Manor House Gardens and Library.

Friday 12th October – Harvest Festival at 2.15pm in the main hall.