Spring Term 2020

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Autumn Term 1 2019

Year 1 – Autumn 1 – This is Me!

Our topic for this half term is called This is Me!   Here is what we will be focusing on in each subject area:

To write labels, captions and simple sentences.  To re-visit recognition of Phase 2 and Phase 3 letters and their sounds in order to read and write.  To focus on correct letter formation.  To share together and read a wide variety of books to help develop a love of stories and reading.


To count forwards and backwards in 1s to 30.  To recognise, write and represent numbers to 30.  To begin to gain an understanding of place value.  Children will be introduced to the part-whole model and will find different ways of partitioning numbers to 10. They will use the part-whole model to help them write and compare number bonds. They will continue to use these skills to add and subtract numbers to 10.

Religious Education

The Catholic Faith: Looking at ‘God’s Great Plan’ and exploring the beauty of God’s world through circle time discussions and activities, drawings, music and dance.


To name and understand the uses of the different parts of our body.  To explore our senses and the important role they play.  To discuss the importance of healthy eating (link to Harvest) and exercise and relate to growth.

Geography (alternating every half term with History)

To discuss ‘belonging’ in relation to our family, church and community.

To explore our local environment facilities.  To look at the different ways to keep safe. 

Art and Design

Still life and portraiture:  the children will develop their drawing skills with attention to detail. To create collages related to the different food groups.  To make clay face masks of the young and old.


Singing songs related to Harvest, Autumn and the different parts of our bodies.

Exploring instruments and controlling their sounds.

Physical Education

Circle games to promote listening skills and turn taking.  Team games with a focus on ball skills.


Getting to know the ICT suite.  Exploring programmable toys and using algorithms to make them move.


Focus on the core value of how we care for others.  Using the story book ‘Have you filled your bucket today?’ to explore the values of caring, giving and sharing.

Dates for your diary:

 Tuesday 17th September            Meet the Teacher meeting – 18.15-18.45

Tuesday 8th October                 Visit to Manor House Gardens and Library.