2CL Topic letter
2nd half of Spring term 2018


Children will develop their skills in grammar, spelling and punctuation through various activities and games. We will link our writing to our topic this term which is St Lucia. We will incorporate instruction writing, information texts, poetry and story writing set in the Caribbean.


We will be focusing on recognising patterns and using what we already know to get to new facts such as the inverse of 12+7=19 is 19-7=12. We will also use this to check our answers. We will be recognising lines of symmetry and looking at reflective symmetry. We will be describing 2D and 3D shapes, making patterns and completing sequences. We will identify right angles and look at whole, ½ and ¼ turns. We will continue to look at fractions and compare them as well as calculating fractions of weight and capacity. We will be making totals of money using coins and calculating change as well as drawing and interpreting pictograms. We will also continue to work on rapid recall skills of number bonds, half and double of numbers, odd and even numbers, telling the time and the 2, 5 and 10 times table.


Our unit of work this half term will be ‘Mass’ We will be discussing our own experiences of mass and thinking about the different elements of the mass and how these are all important to reflect on our faith. We will be thinking about why we say sorry and learning about all of the different symbols and things that are used during the mass.


We will continue looking at animals focusing mainly on humans this half term and thinking about how we keep healthy and how we grow. We will be completing a range of different experiments and activities.


We will be focusing on the island of St Lucia. We will explore the different oceans and continents on a world map, locate where we live and where St Lucia is. We will be looking at our flag and the flag of St Lucia and comparing the 2 locations.

Art and Design 

We will be focusing on a famous Caribbean artist called ‘Daniel Jean Baptiste’ looking carefully at his work, what inspires him and attempt to recreate our own images in his style. We will also have an art week in school 12th-16th March where we will be participating in a range of different art activities.


We will be focusing on dance and gymnastics this half term. We are very fortunate to have a trained dance teacher working with the children every week developing sequences of movement and expressive dance.

We will also be having a gymnastic session each week focusing on using equipment safely, thinking carefully about our body posture, how we travel from one piece of equipment to another and how we skilfully jump and land safely. We will be putting sequences together to develop and explore.


The children will continue to work on computer coding this half term as well as using computers to research our Geography topic to write information leaflets about St Lucia. 

Dates for your diary:

1st March – World Book Day

7th /8th March – Parents evening

7th March – Trip to Horton Kirby

2CL Spring Term 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break.

Firstly, Ms Lucas, Mrs Sandy, Mrs Rebora and I would like to say a huge thank you for all of the wonderful Christmas gifts, cards and well wishes that we received. We were overwhelmed by your generosity and thoughtfulness, thank you!

As you know Mrs Winter will now be working in our class each Wednesday. This half term we are also very fortunate to have a PGCE teaching student in our class. Her name is Miss Dempsey and she will be with us until the February half term.

We made a great start with our learning in the Autumn term and hope to continue this into the new Spring term. Our topics this term include Humans and Animals as well as Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. Please see the curriculum map for further details of all of our planned learning for the first half term.


It is very important that the children begin their day in a calm manner.  The school day starts at 8.45am. Please make every effort to be on time so your child is settled for their learning. 


Please continue to read with your child every day. Discussing and understanding the text is as important as listening to them read. Here are some questions that may be helpful to ignite discussion:

Questions to ask while reading with your child

Before reading the book:

What do you think the book will be about?

Talk about the different parts of the book- front cover, blurb, illustrations, author.

During reading the book:

What has happened so far?

What do you think might happen next? Why do you think this?

What sort of character is…?

 At the end of the book:

Talk about what happened in this story.

Who were the characters in this story?

What was the problem in this story? How was it solved?

Did any of the characters go through a change from beginning to end? How did the character change?

Why do you think the character acted that way?

How do you think the character was feeling?

Please ensure that your child brings their book and reading journal to school every day.  Don’t forget they can also enjoy books and other reading material from home.


Children will continue to receive homework each week. This comprises of an activity in their homework book, spellings for the week and handwriting practice. We are really focussing on presentation this term so please encourage your child to keep practicing their handwriting. We are also working on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables so please support your child with these.

Please encourage your child to complete their homework, supporting them where necessary.


It is important that the children have a complete PE kit for our lessons; these include a plain white T-shirt, black joggers, black shorts and plimsolls.  All items must be clearly labelled.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to discuss them with me after school.

Kind regards,

Mrs Carey

Dates for your diary:

23rd January- Trip to The Florence Nightingale Museum

12th February- Half term

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2CL Autumn 2
Curriculum 2017

The children have settled in really well to their new classrooms and the new school site, it has been wonderful getting to know them all. We appreciate the effort you have made for the children to be at school on time, this really helps the children be prepared and ready for the day. Thank you for all your support with homework, especially with the tasks that were given out over the half term, the children have produced some excellent pieces of work. We have another busy and exciting half term ahead.


Children will continue to develop their skills in grammar, spelling and punctuation through various activities and games. We will be focusing on past and present tense verbs and the use of commas within lists. We will be writing stories and information texts. We will understand the key features of story writing and look at a book called ‘The dark’ by Lemony Snickett. We will work on drama activities and focus on story structure. We will also develop our literacy skills through our termly topic work. Creating and writing information texts and leaflets to support our learning.


We will be consolidating children’s understanding of number and place value, looking at different ways to partition and understanding the value of digits within a number. We will be exploring mathematical vocabulary for addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions. We will continue working on number bonds and rapid recall of number facts and applying these to calculations i.e. if you know the number bond 6+4=10 you can calculate 46+14=60 easier.

We will be adding 2 digit numbers together carefully thinking about the value of each digit. We will learn to count in 2, 5 and 10 forwards and backwards and recognise this as repeated addition and multiplication.

We will introduce fractions of shapes and the children will work on applying their maths knowledge to solve word problems.


Our unit of work this half term will be ‘Mysteries’ and ‘The Christmas story’. We will be thinking about heaven and the holy trinity. We will also be looking at the religion Islam throughout the year.


We will continue to look at Materials this half term. We will find identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials. We will also find out how the shape of objects made from different materials can be changed by squashing, bending, squeezing and stretching


We will be continuing to look at Our School History. To celebrate the new school building and the amalgamation of the two schools, as well as St Winifred’s 125th anniversary. We will also be looking at the cause and effect of the Great Plague and the outcomes of The Gunpowder plot.

Art and Design 

To support and illustrate our learning on London in the 1660s we will be using our experience of drawing buildings to create a cityscape.

As we head towards Christmas, focus will turn to developing our design skills when we will be using a range of media and materials to produce festive crafts and models.


Outdoor PE will continue this half term so please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school including plimsolls, joggers and a warm top.  The children will be learning the basic skills of hockey and will participate in team invasion games.

Our focus during indoor PE time will be to develop agility, speed and coordination skills through the use of basic apparatus.


The children will be using our brand new ICT suite and will be introduced to computer coding.  We will be learning how to write basic instructions to make objects move on command in order to create simple games.


Autumn Curriculum 2017


Children will develop their skills in grammar, spelling and punctuation through various activities and games. We will be writing stories and poems, focusing on using adjectives to make our writing more interesting. We will understand the key features of story writing and look at a range of different stories including ‘The selfish crocodile’.


We will be focusing on developing children’s mental maths and quick recall of number facts such as number bonds, doubles, halves, counting patterns etc. We will also be working on written strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Our work will also include:

Simple fractions of shape and number

Comparing numbers and calculations using the symbols <>=

Place value (understanding 10s and 1s) and partitioning numbers in different ways

Recognising coins, finding totals and calculating change

Identifying left, right, clockwise and anti-clockwise

Reading o’clock and half past

Solving 2 step word problems i.e 20 people are on a bus. Half get off and then 9 get on. How many people are on the bus now?’


Our unit of work this half term will be ‘Chosen People’. We will be looking at our own personal gifts and talents as well as focusing on chosen people from the bible including Daniel, Abraham, Moses and Joseph.


Everyday Materials will be our focus this term. We will find identify and compare the suitability of a variety of everyday materials. We will also find out how the shape of objects made from different materials can be changed by squashing, bending, squeezing and stretching


This term we are celebrating the 125th anniversary of our school as well as all pupils being taught on one site. In history we will be exploring how our school and the education system have changed over time. If you were a former pupil of the school and you have any memories or photos that you would like to share we would love to hear from you.

 Art and Design:

Linking to our history and science topic we will be focusing on ‘If buildings could speak’. We will be looking at colours, shapes and patterns of buildings, focusing especially on the new and old buildings on our school site.


We will be looking at the UNICEF Rights and Respecting articles.

We will link the articles throughout the Curriculum.


We will be focusing on coding.


Multilskills games- focusing on ball games and playing as a team

Dance- exploring autumn and Harvest through dance and movement


We also have a session each week with our drama teacher and Italian teacher.