Summer Term 2019
Class 4CW Newsletter


Dear parents/guardians,

4CW have started the summer term well-rested and fully engaged in their learning. Our topic this term is Ancient Greece.

Please see below for information about their learning this term and dates for the diary.


  • English: fantasy short stories – Greek Myths / newspaper articles / plays and dialogue / instruction writing / information texts
  • Grammar: To use apostrophes for contractions, singular possession and irregular plurals. To use a relative clause in a sentence. To use conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time place and cause. To understand the difference between a main clause, a subordinate clause and a phrase.
  • Maths: Geometry– Classifying angles, plotting points in the first quadrant of coordinate grids, calculating perimeter and area.

Number and place value– Counting backwards from zero, rounding numbers and decimals, comparing whole numbers and decimals. Four operations: adding and subtracting four digit numbers, multiplying and dividing two and three digit numbers by a 1 digit number.  fractions and decimals: Writing decimals and fraction equivalents, Calculating unit and non-unit fractions of a quantity. Measurement: Converting units of measurement and time from analogue to digital. Solving a range of time and money problems.

  • Science: Changing States / living things and their habitats
  • Topic: Ancient Greece
  • Art: Greek pottery and repeating pattern
  • PE: Tennis/athletics
  • ICT: film / sound editing using stop motion
  • RE: The Early Christians / The Church


  • Daily reading/reading journals –checked every Tuesday
  • Spelling: Tested on Wednesday
  • Maths: Given out on Friday to hand in on Tuesday.

 Dates for the diary:


Thursday 20th  – British Museum trip

Best wishes

Mrs Underwood and Mrs Winter.