Autumn Term 1 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

I  have enjoyed meeting all the children and we are starting to get to know each other. I think we will have a great year!

Autumn Topic: This term we will be looking at Earth and Space in science and we will be exploring Anglo Saxon Britain focussing on migration from 410 to 1066 and  we will be looking at the Bayeux Tapestry.

English:   We will be studying ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell- Boyce which is a fantastic text and lots of our topic, art and grammar will be linked to this. We shall focus heavily on grammar this term and the different word classes, and where clause need to end, be joined and be separated. This is crucial to the correct use of punctuation.  Reading will be taught through the core English texts, short stories and comprehensions.

Maths: In year 5, we are looking at larger numbers up to 1 million. This term, we will be looking at : approximating, place value, decimals, ordering positive and negative numbers on scales, measures, distances, interpreting  percentages as fractions and decimals. 3 D shapes and co-ordinates in 4 quadrants. We will also look at prime numbers.  In addition, we will be reviewing the four operations and calculation policy and we will apply these to problems.

In terms 2 and 3, I aim to repeat everything again, and to fill in any gaps. with the aim of developing deeper understanding and consolidating our learning.

Times Tables: All children should now know all  their times tables – but I know that  is not the case, so we will continue with times tables tests weekly this term until everyone is secure.

Science: Ms Peake will be teaching science this term staring with the Earth and pace series, This will be supported by a trip to the British Museum in the second part of the term where we will look at what was  happening in the Year 900 through out the world.

 RE: We will be following units from ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’, starting  with the story of  creation and God’s covenants.  

PSHE: We will continue to focus on being kind to each other and in particular, what bullying is and how we can all defend against this.

Homework:    There is a general homework book, but I will also be checking daily to see that the Reading Record ( blue ) is being completed.  Children are expected to read for 20 minutes, at least 5 times a week. When they read they should record the date and page numbers in their books. When they finish a book, they must write at least a page explaining why they liked or did not like a book. There will also be spellings set on Thursdays. 

I will continue to set my maths which is online (  to consolidate what we have been learning. This is to be the main maths homework resource. However, I will occasionally set other maths problems   in the orange book to   complement what we are doing or if I think it is appropriate.

It is school policy to set homework and for your child to complete it. The homework  consolidates work we have done in class and encourages independence. However, if your child is unable to complete homework for any reason, such as a family trip, please just write a note to this effect in the homework book. Your child should not spend more than 20 minutes on any homework .

Class Routines:

Monday                                   Art and PE

Tuesday                                  Drama

Wednesday                             Spanish

Thursday                                 PE  and Science

Friday                                      Music and Singing

Dates for your diary:

27th September                        Trip to the Planetarium  

14th November                        British Museum Trip ( AD 900)  

 10th December                       Christmas Performance  ( 2pm)

18th December                         Unicorn Theatre 

 Contact with teacher:  You can email me with any concerns or let me know at the end of the day.   

I am looking forward to a great year with your children. Please give them all the support you can and encourage them in their studies. 

Best wishes,

Sarah Killick