Summer Term 2018

Class 4T Newsletter

Friday 27th April, 2018

Dear parents/carers,

4T have started the summer term well-rested and fully engaged in their learning.

Please see below for information about their learning this term and dates for the diary.


  • English: fantasy short stories / newspaper articles / plays and dialogue / instructions / information texts
  • Maths: perimeter and area and 2-d shape / number and place value / four operations / fractions / measurement / handling data
  • Science: animals including humans / living things and their habitats
  • Topic: water cycle / Film making for ICT competition run by Childnet.
  • Art: 3-d models/stop motion drawing/animation
  • PE: Cricket/athletics/swimming / dance
  • ICT: film / sound editing using iMovie
  • RE: The Early Christians / The Church


  • Daily reading: 30 minutes minimum (books collected Wednesday). Children should keep a record of pages read nightly. Please encourage your children to read a variety of literature including newspapers, magazines and comics
  • Spelling: given out on Wednesday, tested following Wednesday
  • Maths: set on Wednesday, collected following Wednesday. Children are encouraged to visit ‘My Maths’ or ‘Khan Academy’ online continually, either to reinforce class work, or to help with gaps in understanding.

Class routines:

  • Monday: RE / dance
  • Tuesday: PE/ICT
  • Wednesday: Italian
  • Thursday: science / Art / PE (swimming)
  • Friday: Music /singing / philosophy

Dates for the diary:


Tuesday 1st May – Time Truck (Museum of London) 


TBC – Thames Barrier walk and cable cars trip

Thursday 3rd – swimming

Friday 4th – school Mass in the church

Friday 25th – break up for half-term


Monday 4th –           back to school

Tuesday 5th –           Royal Festival Hall

Tuesday 12th –        NSPCC assembly

Wednesday 20th  – London Zoo trip

Wednesday 27th –             Sports day


Wednesday 11th  –            International Day

Tuesday 10th –         Trip to the Thames Barrier

Thursday 12th –      NSPCC assesmbly

Friday 13th –            reports to parents and carers

Thursday 19th –      Leavers’ Mass in school hall

Friday 20th –                        last day of term

St. Winifred’s breaks up summer term on Friday 20th July, 2018.

Best wishes,

Mr R. Toynton



12th January 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year – we hope it brings health and happiness to you and your families.  Thank you so much for your generous gifts at Christmas time, these were much appreciated. 

The children have settled straight back into their working routines. Here is an outline of the work we will be covering, together with important dates for your diaries. We hope this is helpful to you when you are choosing library books, going on visits or helping with research.  

Main Topic

The children will be researching the origins of the Anglo-Saxons, where they settled in Britain, what the houses and villages were like, how society was structured, clothes and jewellery, food; battles and weapons, art and culture and religion.


In the first half term the children’s key English objective will be to Study in depth ‘The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane’, by Kate DiCamillo.   The key text for the second half term is ‘The Story Collector, The Lion and The Unicorn and Other Hairy Tales’ by Jane Ray.  The children will also study script writing, letter writing and in-depth character analysis with regard to these texts.  They will explore poetry and short story writing across both half terms.

Children will be encouraged to: read with understanding; compare texts, plays and films; plan quickly; investigate viewpoints; read and write poetry, non-fiction, stories and scripts. The children will learn key spelling rules and apply them. Guided reading will take place two to three times a week, a written comprehension once a week and grammar lessons twice a week.  


Measures including time

Circles and angles

Properties of 2D & 3D shapes

Reasoning about shape

Number and place value

Mental addition and subtraction

Fractions and decimals


Measure and units of measure

Mental multiplication and division.

Written multiplication


  • States of Matter


Units from ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ –

‘Jesus the teacher’ and  ‘Jesus the saviour’

Class Routine

 Monday                 Topic                                      

Tuesday                 PE and RE                                             

Wednesday           Science and Italian Dance (From February onwards)                          

Thursday                PE                                          

Friday                     Music and Singing                                                 


Journal:                       One reading task or written task per week – given out Friday, back by following Wednesday.

Spellings:                    Thursday for test the following week.

Maths Homework:         One piece of written homework per week, given out and handed in Wednesdays.

Reading:                      Children are expected to read for 30 minutes AT LEAST five evenings a week.

They should keep a record of pages read nightly and write a detailed comment each time they finish a book. Please encourage your children to read a variety of literature including newspapers, magazines and advertising material.

Unfinished Work:          Children who are slow to complete tasks will be asked to complete them at lunch times.

Dates for your diary:


Tuesday                        23-1-18             Friends coffee morning infant site

Friday                           26-1-18             Infant site closing

Monday                        29-1-18             First day for Early Years children at main site

Wednesday                   31-1-18             Dance lessons begin


School breaks up for half term on Friday 9th  February.  Children return to school on Monday 19th February.


Monday                        5-3-18               ‘Village Study’ trip to Horton Kirby

Tuesday                        6-3-18               Parent/Teacher consultation evening 3:30 – 6:00pm

Wednesday                   7-3-18               Parent/Teacher consultation evening 4:30 – 7:00pm

Monday –Weds             19th -21st            Carroty Wood residential trip for Year 4

School breaks up for Easter on Thursday 29th March.  Children return to school on Monday 16th April.

(First swimming sessions for 4T (9 in total) will commence Thurs 10th May in summer term).

Thank you for your support.  If you have any queries at all please do see us at the end of a school day.  If that’s not convenient, email on

Warmest regards,

Richard Toynton