Spring Term 2018
Class Newsletter   5K


19th January 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back everyone.   May I also take this opportunity to thank you all for your lovely cards and gifts before Christmas.  

Below is an outline of the main areas we will be covering this term and some important dates for your diary.

Spring Topic: Our topic for this term will be Earth and Mountains.  This is a geography topic and we will be looking   at the earth and how mountains are formed.     Later in the term, we will move on to mapping and   co-ordinates, which will have lots of overlap with maths, especially when we look at reading Ordnance Survey maps.   There is also lots of overlap with our science topic.

English:    We are about to finish ‘Cosmic’, by Frank Cottrell – Boyce and we will be moving on to Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ – the ‘Play that dare not speak its name’.

Maths:    This term we will look at everything from last term again, but there are some new topics for consideration, such as    3D shapes and data. We also need to be able to calculate volume and to look at problem solving.

Science:  Our topic in science is forces. We have started to look at gravity and air resistance and we will investigate this further in future weeks.  

RE:  The children continue to follow units from ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’ and we will continue looking at important characters from the Old Testament and at God’s covenants.  

Class Routines:

Monday                       Dance (from 29.1.2018)  

Tuesday                       Topic, gymnastics (up to February)

Wednesday                 RE, Science

Thursday                     Swimming (up to Half Term), Outdoor PE (after Half Term)   

Friday                          Music, Singing

Reading: Every child is expected to read every evening and note this in their Reading Journal. When a book has been completed, your child is expected to write a review of the book in their   Reading Journal.        

Spellings: These will be given out on Thursday and tested the following week.

Homework: This is given out on Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.  It is marked on   Wednesday   mornings.    There will always be mymaths as well.

Dates for your diary:

24th January                 Cinderella, Saddlers Wells

6th and 7th March         Open evenings

Thank you for all your continued support with homework and school trips and I really appreciate all your input at home.

If there are any concerns, please let me know. You can email me at  skillick1.209@lgflmail.org

I hope that we have a healthy Spring Term and that   the flu bug has finally been put to bed.

Best wishes,

Sarah Killick

5K Autumn 2017   

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that you were all able to take some time off over the summer. As a class, we have   probably had the easiest transition this year, and we have already settled back into a good routine.

Autumn Topic: In the first half term, we will be exploring the history of St Winifred’s Primary School. In the second half term, we will be investigating earth and mountains.

English:   In the first half term, the children will work on news reports, descriptions of settings, feelings of characters, and poetry (‘King Kong’ is the key text). In the second half term the children will work on recounts (diary entries), character study, writing in a chosen form for a chosen audience, poetry and persuasive writing (‘The Viewer’ is the key text).  Children will be encouraged to: read with understanding; compare texts, plays and films; plan quickly; investigate viewpoints; read and write poetry, non-fiction, stories and scripts. The children will learn key spelling rules and apply them. Guided reading will be taught daily through the core English texts, short stories and comprehensions.

Maths: In year 5, we are looking at larger numbers up to 1 million. This term, we will be looking at : approximating, place value, decimals, ordering positive and negative numbers on scales, measures, distances, interpreting  percentages as fractions and decimals. 3 D shapes and co-ordinates in 4 quadrants. We will also look at prime numbers.  In addition, we will be reviewing the four operations and calculation policy and we will apply these  to problems.

In terms 2 and 3, I aim to repeat everything again, and to fill in any gaps. with the aim of developing deeper understanding and consolidating our learning.

Times Tables:  Last year most children learnt all their tables up to 12 x . This year, I will continue with testing   however to reinforce learning. I want everyone to be STILL fluent when they enter  Year  6.

Science: We are looking this term at living things and their habitats and life cycles.    After Half  Term, we will start to look at planets.

RE: We will be following   units from ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’, starting  with the story of  creation and God’s covenants.  

Homework: The home work will be given to children on Fridays and must be returned for marking by Wednesday morning.  There is a general homework book ( orange), but I will also be checking to see that the Reading Record ( blue ) is being completed.  Children are expected to read for 20 minutes, at least 5 times a week. When they read they should record the date and page numbers in  their books. When they finish a book, they must write at least a page explaining why they liked or did not like a book.

I will continue to set my maths which is online ( www.mymaths.co.uk)  to consolidate what we have been learning. This is to be the main maths  homework resource. However, I will occasionally set other maths problems   in the orange book to   complement what we are doing or if I think it is appropriate.

It is school policy to set homework and for your child to complete it. The homework  consolidates work we have done in class and encourages independence. However, if your child is unable to complete homework for any reason, such as a family trip, please just write a note to this effect in the homework book. Your child should not spend more than 20 minutes on any homework .

Class Routines:

Monday                                   Music and Drama

Tuesday                                  PE and Topic

Wednesday                             Science and RE

Thursday                                 Art

Friday                                      Singing

Dates for your diary:

12th October                           Trip to Eltham Palace

7th December                          5K’s Christmas Assembly @ 2.30 pm

Contact with teacher:  You can email me skillick1.209@lgflmail.org with any concerns or let me know at the end of the day.   

I am delighted to be working with your children again as your children are simply fantastic. . I am so proud of the way they conduct themselves around the school and  of their enthusiasm for their learning. They are motivated, hard-working and they will make you   proud  again this year.

Best wishes,


Sarah Killick