Nursery Spring Term Newsletter 2020


Nursery Staff

Class Teacher: Jane Budden

Nursery Nurse: Gillian Andrews

Teaching Assistant: Carina Philpot

PPA Teacher (Tuesday pm): Rachel Case

Happy New Year to all our families. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas.

We would like to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ for all our Christmas cards, kind gifts and good wishes. We were really overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. Thank you so much.

It will be lovely to welcome the children back to school on Monday 6th January to start their Spring term. We have new children starting so, a huge welcome to those children and their families.

This term’s theme is ‘Stories’. We will be sharing all different types of stories with the children and we will be encouraging them to retell and act out their favourites as well as helping them to make up stories of their own.

We will be starting with a space themed story topic, rather appropriate at this time of year with our short days and long nights. Lots of opportunities for star and moon watching! We will begin with the story, ‘How to Catch a Star’ but will then take our lead from the children and read stories that follow their interests.

Each week our classroom enhancements, across all the areas of learning, will be based around the stories we are reading. For example, while the children are interested in the space theme we will be building small and large space rockets using junk modelling or out of small and large construction resources. These activities will create lots of opportunities to use and develop maths, physical development and language skills.

Other examples:

  • Learning and singing space themed counting rhymes. (Creative, language and maths skills)
  • Playing initial sound ‘I Spy’ using space themed interesting pictures displayed on our Interactive White Board (IWB.) (Listening, attention and literacy skills)
  • Making and then playing with rocket control panels. (Design, language, imagination, physical, cooperation and sharing skills)
  • Mark making in moon dust aka sand with glitter. (Physical, creative and literacy skills).
  • Small world play with space figures, moon dust, moon rocks, rockets etc. (Imagination, language and maths e.g. countdowns)

This term we will be introducing a letter of the week. The current weeks letter will be displayed in class as well as on the Nursery Noticeboard. This term we will be learning s,a,t,p,i,n. This will be done very informally through play-based activities and songs. The emphasis in Nursery is to help the children to hear initial sounds rather than to read or write the letter/grapheme. Some children with however be keen to do the latter and we will support this where appropriate.

We will continue to help the children to recognise their names and support them to begin writing them. When supporting your children at home with mark making/writing, please encourage them to use a tripod pencil grip and to use upper and lower case appropriately. When referring to letters please use letter sounds rather names. We use ‘Jolly Phonics’ actions to help learn and embed letter sounds.

In addition to a letter of the week, we will be introducing a number of the week. We will be supporting the children to recognise numerals and accurately count small groups of objects. This term we will be learning 1-6. Again, all learning will be through play. We will also be supporting this by watching CBeebies ‘Numberblocks’.

During the Winter months please make sure your child attends Nursery with a waterproof jacket each day. Additional hats/scarfs etc may be needed if the weather is cold. Please ensure all clothing is labelled with your child’s name. We have permanent markers in class that you are welcome to use to write on labels if you need to do so.

Please be aware children may become slightly messy or slightly damp from playing outside. Children learn a great deal from playing in different weather conditions. Please be assured that your children will not be left in soaking wet clothing for the whole session. Please be sure to return any clothes borrowed from school. We are a little low on supplies as a result of clothes not being returned last term. Please return these items ASAP. Donations of clothes also gratefully received!

In RE we will be focussing on ‘Forgiveness’ and on ‘Friendship’. We hope to produce a lovely display of photos of the children with their friends together with what they have to say about what friendship is and some kind words about their friends.

The Spring 1 Nursery class trip will take place at the end of this half term. We will visit the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. We will travel there by coach, spend time enjoying all of the exhibits available at the museum including the Aquarium and, weather permitting, we will also enjoy the ‘Animal Walk’ and the extensive museum grounds. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to explore and discover a wide variety of objects and experiences, develop their language and vocabulary and socialise with their friends.

Autumn Term 1 2019

Nursery Staff: Jane Budden (Class Teacher)

Gill Andrews (Nursery Nurse) Carina Philpot (Teaching Assistant)

Rachel Case (PPA Cover)

Welcome to the Nursery! All the children are beginning to settle in well and are having lots of fun exploring, playing and making new friends. We hope your child will enjoy all the activities and experiences that we will be providing for them this half term.

Our topic this half term is All About Me.

 Over the first few weeks of term your children will be finding out about and settling into their new setting.

  • Discovering resources
  • Following class routines
  • Learning each other’s names
  • Making new friends
  • Creating a family photo wall
  • Making class books and displays ‘All about us!’.

We will  be using the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear what can you see? We will use this story as a starting point for lots of different activities across all the Prime and Specific Areas of Learning.

For example, children will be asked to bring into school, a favourite bear or soft toy from home. The children will use their toys to help them to talk to the other children about themselves e.g. what their bedroom looks like, if they have any brothers or sisters. We will also take the bears on a tour around the Early Year’s and greater school setting. We will make books about all ‘the things that we see’. The children will be given opportunities to bring these books home to share with you.

We will also introduce and name the new ‘class’ bears.

Children will begin to take turns taking the bears home. When they bring them back to school the bears can then help each child with a ‘show and tell’. This will be an opportunity for your child to show and tell their new friends about something they have brought in from home. E.g. a favourite toy, book, picture of a family member, food item, picture of a family pet or a holiday snap, anything really!

Class Trip

In Week 5, on Tuesday 1st October, we will be going on a walk to Manor House Gardens with the class bears. On the way there, we will encourage the children to spot lots of different features e.g. houses, post boxes, road signs, a railway bridge, shops etc. We will take pictures of the bears with these features for a class book. At the park, weather permitting, we will have a little picnic/snack time, we will play in the playground, visit the duck pond and share a story in the library.

Please volunteer for as many class trips as you can. Nursery trips require LOTS of adults so you will always be welcome!!