Autumn term 1 2018

Nursery Staff: Gillian Reynolds (Class Teacher)
Gill Andrews (Nursery Nurse) Cintia Montes Alvarez (Teaching Assistant)


Welcome to the Nursery! Our topic this half term is All About Me.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

Children will begin to form good relationships with peers and familiar adults at school. They will develop the skills to initiate conversations with others. Children will select and use activities and resources in our classroom and in the outside area. These include our home corner, mud kitchen, and a variety of games and activities. The children continue to develop an awareness of their own feelings. We will help children to understand that some actions and words can hurt others’ feelings through books and games.

Physical Development:
Children will be encouraged to use equipment safely – this includes the climbing apparatus in the outside area as well as smaller items such as scissors. They will be encouraged to keep themselves healthy by washing and drying hands. Children also will be encouraged to develop the independence to manage their own clothing such as putting on their shoes and jackets.

Communication and Language:
Children will develop their listening skills during our daily carpet sessions. During this time we will sing songs, play games and share stories. We will encourage children to listen to others one to one or in small groups when they are playing together. They also will learn to understand and respond to simple instructions, e.g. to get or put away an object. Children will develop their vocabulary by talking about objects and people that are important to them; for example talking about toys they like to play with and discussing who is in their family.


We will be sharing lots of books this half term and children will be encouraged to join in with repeated phrases in rhymes and stories. Children are welcome to bring a storybook home in their book bag each day to share at home. Please encourage children to talk about who is in the story and what is happening on each page. Children will learn to recognise their name when they come to class by finding their name card and filing it into the correct place.

We will explore counting and numbers through songs and games. Children will be encouraged to use some number names and number language during their play by counting candles on playdough ‘cakes,’ measuring ingredients in our mud kitchen and in other ways. We always encourage curiosity about numbers and will find opportunities to explore numbers that exist all around us. Children also will be developing the ability to talk about the shapes of everyday objects, e.g. ‘round’’ and ‘tall’’ as we look at our bodies and faces, and compare natural objects in our outdoor space.

Understanding of the World:
Children will be encouraged to describe special times or events for family or friends. Our role-play area and playing with dolls will allow children to remember and talk about significant events in their own experience. Children will develop the ability to care for their environment by helping to tidy our classroom and the outside area each day.

Expressive Arts and Design:
We will be painting our self-portraits and discussing colours and shapes.  Children will sing familiar songs during carpet sessions and learn some new songs as well. Children will engage in imaginative role-play based on their own experiences using our home corner and hospital role-play areas.