Summer Term 1

People Who Help Us

Nursery team: Ms Rose (Nursery Teacher), Ms Bibana (Nursery Teacher)
Ms Yong (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Stevens (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs Abraham (LSA), Mrs Mullins (LSA)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Over this and the next half term we will be beginning to prepare the children for the start of Reception in September. This will include visits to our Reception classes. We’ll be developing skills to be more outgoing towards unfamiliar people and more confident in new social situations – adapting to different events and changes in routine. We’ll also be asking different children every day to be our ‘Star Helpers’ and give them the responsibility for certain aspects of our classroom.

Physical Development: We will continue to develop fine motor skills for improved pencil grip – be it through working hand muscles or on a larger scale outside. With the weather warming up, we are planning exciting opportunities in our outdoor area that will challenge the children physically, including weaving. We also will be considering what makes us healthy as we explore how doctors, nurses and dentists help us.

Communication and Language: The children will be using talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next, as they role-play people in our community who are crucial to our everyday lives. We will be recalling and retelling our ‘Ouch’ stories and sharing experiences of interacting with people in the community – from going to the opticians to thoughts on Bob the Builder! We are hoping to have visits from people who help us and will be visiting the Lee Firestation for our school trip.

Literacy: We will be sharing a range of high-quality texts and will be exploring alliteration and rhyme. The children will be encouraged to continue to ascribe meanings to marks that they make and see in different places, suggest how stories might end, and hear and say the initial sounds in words during ring games.

Maths: The children will be challenged to tackle number problems this term and consolidate their mathematical language on a daily basis. We will be comparing numbers – whether on an abacus, on a dice or rows of marshmallow teeth! We also will be starting to use everyday language related to time.

Understanding of the World: This term’s topic will allow for plenty of exploration of different occupations and ways of life, and we will be doing this in a variety of ways – through small world play, writing in role and sharing information texts.

Expressive Arts and Design: We will be taking arts and design outside as much as possible this term (weather permitting) – exploring different materials and media. We will continue to explore music and movement.

Helping at home:
By regularly sharing books with your child and asking them to ‘read’ stories to you by looking at and describing what’s happening in the illustrations, they will be receiving the foundations necessary for a life-time of reading for pleasure. Practising hearing the initial sounds in words and looking for letters on cereal packets, signs, etc also will help with early reading. Likewise, you might practise recognising numbers with your child – on buses, price tags, etc. Showing numbers on fingers and deliberately making mistakes with counting also will help embed numbers to 10 and beyond!

Rainbow and Chase Bear:
We are continuing to share favourite books with Rainbow and Chase Bear and draw pictures in the Bear books. This will give your child the opportunity to talk to us about books they have read at home, as well as practise their mark-making. If your child does not want to draw anything, please don’t worry – you can just write down which you book you read to the Bear!

Heroes & Heroines – Spring 2

Nursery team: Ms Rose (Nursery Teacher), Mrs Yong (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs Stevens (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Abraham (LSA), Mrs Mullins (LSA)


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Role-play will be a large focus this term. We have created an open-ended role-play area in our classroom which will have enhancements such as superhero capes, magic wands, large construction blocks etc. The children will be encouraged to develop their play independently – extending and elaborating play ideas with others. Our Friend of the Day display has been very successful, so we will continue to give children the opportunity to nominate those who have cared and shared with them every day. There have been some lovely kind acts happening in the Nursery of which the children should feel really proud.

Physical Development: With our topic this term, we will be incorporating physical development as much as possible into our role-play – be it making large movements in the air with ‘light sabres’ to develop muscles for writing or ‘going on a bear hunt’ in our outdoor area. We will be continuing to work on our fine motor skills as well.

Communication and Language: The children did lots of storytelling of familiar stories last term and this term they will have the chance to make up their own fantastical stories. This will include encouraging them to use more complex language and sentences, and answer ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions.

Literacy: There is some exciting mark-making happening in Nursery and we will continue to develop this through our topic. We will be sharing books about heroes to celebrate World Book Day, paying attention to rhythms found in both the written and spoken word.

Maths: Children will continue to learn that not only objects but anything can be counted such as claps, steps or jumps – through games such as ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’. Children will be focussing on beginning to represent numbers using fingers, marks on paper or pictures.

Understanding of the World: Children will be given the opportunity to use Beebots – developing their skill at pressing buttons to operate and move them through the small world town we will be creating. Children also will have the chance to reflect on some of the things that make them unique as we talk about our families in preparation for Mothers Day and Easter.

Expressive Arts and Design: Children will continue to have the chance to join in with dancing and ring games. Everyone also will be encouraged to use available resources to create their own props to support their role-play such as masks, crowns and superhero belts. We will be focussing on the arts during our Arts week, when we will be joining the rest of the school to create works of art with recycled materials, as well as joining in creative movement and singing.

Helping at home:
Please can you continue to help your child recognise their own name and some of the letters and sounds in their name. Each day in Nursery every child self-registers and finds their name to put with their photo – but practise makes perfect! So please reinforce this at home by playing name games – you might have a treasure hunt to find objects with the same initial sound/ letters in their name, or try to find letters from their name in the environment (on signs, adverts, etc).  Making up stories and extending your child by questioning them about things they’ve made or are playing with will also help with their communication skills.

We share these on the carpet and have had some lovely achievements so far. Thank you for sending these in.

Rainbow and Chase Bear:
This term we are asking that you read a favourite book with Rainbow or Chase Bear and draw a picture about it in the Bear book please. This will give your child the opportunity to talk to us about stories and what they drew, as well as practising their mark-making skills. If your child does not want to draw anything, please don’t worry – you can just let us know which you book you read to the Bear!

Newsletter Autumn(2) 2017

Nursery team: Ms Rose (Nursery Teacher) Mrs Yong (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs Stevens (Nursery Nurse) Mrs Abraham (LSA)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Children will start or continue to initiate play, offering cues to peers to join them. This might happen in our role play corner or in our dark room, where children will find all sorts of intriguing things to stimulate games! They also will learn to take turns playing games in small groups. We will be building confidence to talk about our favourite colours and bedtime routines, as we explore our topic. The children also will continue to enjoy the responsibility of carrying out small tasks in the Nursery, be it taking the register to the office, moving the arrow on our visual timetable or helping empty the water tray outside.

Physical Development: Children will be using both small and large movements to explore shape and colour – whether it is through creating a piece of Kandinsky circle art or twirling ribbons outside. We also will be using equipment to practise throwing, catching and rolling. Children will be encouraged to tell us when they are tired or need to rest, and will be encouraged to use our quiet tepee where 1 or 2 children can play quietly in the classroom at any given moment of the day.

Communication and Language: Children will be encouraged to listen to stories with increasing attention and recall as we share books about colour, day and night. We will be talking about the purpose of certain objects such as traffic lights and torches, and will be learning new words to describe materials, i.e. shiny, sparkly, dull, reflective and twinkly. We also find that the children are very communicative and learn lots of new language when we prepare food (such as making our own butter which we did at the end of last term), so we will be aiming to do as much cooking as possible in small groups to continue this valuable talk time. Talking about experiences with Rainbow and Chase Bear and looking at Learning Journeys also will continue to develop communication skills.

Literacy: We will be using different coloured pens, pencils, chalk and other media to make and give meaning to our marks. Children will be encouraged to use writing for purpose, whether it be labelling something in the classroom or creating tickets for a show. We will continue to encourage the children to look at books independently. So please feel free to borrow 2 or 3 books at a time from our book area to share at home. Children also will enjoy rhyming and rhythm through songs and stories during carpet time.

Maths: Children will be developing their numeracy skills through sorting and counting coloured objects, talking about times of the day and routines – teatime, bedtime – and making patterns. They will begin to show an interest in shape and space by playing with shapes or making arrangements with objects, sometimes through transient art.

Understanding of the World: Children will be encouraged to comment on and ask questions about the world around them. They will be finding out about sources of light – the sun, torches – and will be exploring shiny and dull objects.

Expressive Arts and Design: Children will explore colour and how colours can be changed through colour-mixing. We will be doing lots of creative movement in response to music – pretending we are fireworks, taking trips to the moon and using movement to express how we feel.

Helping at home:
Please look for different shapes and colours wherever you are – whether it is at home, in the street or at the supermarket. “I spy” games are always good for this!

We also want to celebrate the children’s achievements outside Nursery – whether it is that they’ve dressed themselves, retold a story, been kind or helpful to someone or counted the ducks at the park. Please help us record their WOWS. There is a template attached to this newsletter for you to use. You will find more WOW slips on the Parents’ Notice Board and a box in which to post them. We will be sharing them with the class throughout the week and they will go into the children’s Learning Journeys for the year.

House-keeping: Please check your child’s tray on a regular basis to take home things they’ve made. They may share the tray with another child so you might need to ask them if it is their piece of work. Special pieces are kept in the Nursery for display or are stuck into their Learning Journeys for posterity and assessment.

Newsletter Autumn 2017

Nursery team: Ms Rose (Nursery Teacher)
Mrs Yong (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Stevens (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Abraham (LSA), Mrs Mullins (LSA)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
Children will start to develop the skills to initiate conversations and form good relationships with peers and familiar adults as we share our Learning Journeys and talk about family members in displayed photos. They will develop the ability to select and use with help, the wide-range of activities and resources inside and outside the classroom. These will range from our home corner, to the mud kitchen and our creative workshop which will be set up with numerous fun things to explore. The children will also become aware of their own feelings, and we will encourage understanding that some actions and words can hurt others’ feelings through books and games. Our class bears and other puppets will help develop empathy.

Physical Development:
Children will be taught to understand that equipment has to be used safely – this includes our climbing apparatus in our outside area and using scissors. They will be encouraged to keep themselves healthy by washing and drying hands. Children also will be encouraged to develop the independence to manage their own clothing, e.g. putting on shoes, unzipping zippers on jackets, and taking off unbuttoned shirts. They all have their own pegs in the classroom and an accessible wellie and apron rack box so that children can access clothing independently.

Communication and Language:
Children will be encouraged to listen to others one to one or in small groups during our daily carpet sessions. During this time we will sing songs, play games and share stories. They also will learn to respond to simple instructions, e.g. to get or put away an object. This is very important during our tidy-up time when every child will be encouraged to help keep our classroom organised and clean. Children also will be involved in setting up certain activities such as filling our water tray or adding objects to the sandpit.

Our seaside themed reading area provides a quiet space for children to look at books and magazines – make sure to book your place on our deck chairs! We will be sharing lots of books this term and children will be encouraged to join in with repeated phrases in rhymes and stories.

Children will be encouraged to use some number names and number language during their play, be it throwing bean bags at numbers, counting bunting or measuring out cups of water. We always encourage curiosity about numbers and will find opportunities to explore numbers that exist all around us. Children also will be developing the ability to talk about the shapes of everyday objects, e.g. ‘round’’ and ‘tall’’ as we look at our bodies and faces, and compare natural objects in our outdoor space.

Understanding of the World:
Children will be able to share their interest in the lives of people who are familiar to them, and will be encouraged to describe special times or events for family or friends. Our role-play area and playing with dolls will allow children to remember and talk about significant events in their own experience.

Expressive Arts and Design:
We will be painting our self-portraits and will begin to use representation to communicate. Children also will sing familiar songs and have a chance to make their own music, either with conventional percussion or using our outdoor music wall.

Helping at home:
Reading – please read to your child to help instil a love and appreciation of books. Let your child talk to you about the characters in stories and retell stories through pictures and familiar phrases. You are welcome to select books to borrow whenever you like from our reading racks DOWNSTAIRS to take home to share with your child. Please be aware that we have books on display connected with our termly topic within the classroom. Please could you refrain from borrowing the books from upstairs as we use these on a daily basis.