Learning in Reception Autumn 2018 half term

Topics: our senses, families, seasons and harvest.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be concentrating on settling your child into school life. This means helping them to be more confident and more thoughtful and compassionate towards others.  We will be doing this by talking with children as situations arise, sharing thought provoking social story books, holding circle time sessions, teaching the principles of a Rights Respecting school and in RE ‘God’s World’ study unit.

 Communication and language

We will be supporting your child to become a better listener, be more articulate and expressive. We will be doing this by sharing books linked to our topics, encouraging talk during circle time and in independent creative play.

Physical Development

We will be helping your child to become more skilful at using a pencil and other hand tools. They will have opportunities to move and play so that they become more confident in their movements.  We will be providing a range of indoor and outdoor activities that develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Understanding the world

We will be helping your child become more aware of their own lives and their family, to look more closely at things around them to see how they are different or similar and to use technology confidently. We will be discussing our own families, observing the change of the seasons and celebrating harvest time.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be helping your child become more creative in their singing, dancing, music making and storytelling. We will be providing a range of adult-led and independent activities, including time with a dedicated music teacher.


We will be helping your child to read and spell words by starting to learn sounds or phonemes. With this knowledge they can blend phonemes to read words and segment the phonemes in words to spell words. They will begin to write too. We will be following the Letters and Sounds scheme.


We will be helping your child to count objects, count reliably and begin to solve practical maths problems. We will be doing this with adult-led and independent activities.

 Dates for your diary

Trip to Woodlands Farm in Shooters Hill

Reception B:  Friday 19 October 2018

Reception C:  Tuesday 16 October 2018