Autumn Term 1 2019

Dear Parents/Carers,

We all hope you had a fantastic summer and that the children are happy and enjoying being in their new Reception class.  We would like to welcome every child and their family. We look forward to building a great partnership with you and your child.

This term our topic is “we are unique”.  We will be focusing on getting to know your child and settling them into a new environment. 

Below are some of the things that we will be learning about this half term in class.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will start this half term by learning about feelings and behaviours. We will discuss different emotions together and model how to manage feelings. Children will be encouraged to share resources with their peers and develop friendships with others. They will be building their confidence when speaking in small groups and during whole class learning.   Children will become familiar with the daily routine and expectations.

Communication and Language

Children will be supported to develop their listening and attention skills and follow simple instructions. There will be lots of opportunities for children to share opinions, ideas and personal interests. We will be reading and listening to lots of stories developing our imaginations and extending children’s vocabulary.


Throughout the school day children will become familiar with recognising and writing their own names.  We will explore rhyming strings through stories and songs. There will be activities to encourage hearing and saying initial sounds in words and give meaning to marks as children write and draw (initial sounds that will be introduced are s,a,t,p,i,n).

Physical Development

Using the indoor and outdoor space children will gain spatial awareness of themselves and others. They will become independent at personal hygiene and putting on their coats, cardigans etc. Children will be encouraged to use the correct pencil grip and gain control when using mark making implements.

We have a wide range of apparatus which will enable children to explore different ways of moving and travelling with control and confidence.


We will be having great fun exploring number, counting in sequences and recognising numerals.   With different resources we will use objects to count reliably and use the correct numeral to represent a given amount.   Thinking about mathematical vocabulary we will expand the children’s knowledge of shape and use shapes to create different patterns and models.

Understanding the World (UTW)

In our UTW area in the classroom, children will be able to freely explore different materials and develop knowledge about their senses. They will begin to gain an understanding about the difference in family customs and traditions through sharing. They will expand their vocabulary about different homes and create simple maps of their own journey to school.

Expressive Arts

Whilst getting messy and using a range of materials children will create their own representations of people and objects familiar to them. They will choose particular colours for a desired purpose. They will have the opportunities to explore a range of different roleplay areas and create their own play areas alongside other children. Each Friday children will participate in whole class music lessons learning new songs and actions, which will be embedded throughout the following week in reception.

Ways to help your child learn

Reading and sharing books that the children bring home and books from the library are a great way to help and encourage your child’s love of books. Reading a small amount together each day would be really appreciated and when reading the book your child has been given by their teacher writing a short comment in their reading record journal would really help.

Encouraging your child to write their own name independently and recognise letters from their name when they see them in the local environment would be fantastic.

Identifying numbers in the local environment such as door numbers, numbers on buses and counting different objects will really support their knowledge of number. Singing number songs is also a fun thing to do together and greatly beneficial.

Giving your child opportunities to become more independent such as dressing and undressing themselves so they can practice buttons, zips etc, pouring drinks of water, using a knife and fork to cut their food at mealtimes and washing their hands after going to the toilet and before mealtimes.

Things to remember

Book bags need to be brought into school everyday and your child will be heard reading twice a week.

It would be really helpful if all uniform could be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Please do not let the reception children or any siblings use the play or climbing equipment before or after school due to health and safety reasons. Many thanks.

Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 17th September:          Meet the teacher evening

Tuesday 1st October:                Trip to Woodlands farm

Friday 11th October:                  Harvest Festival