St Winifred’s Catholic Primary School (School opened on 1 April 2016)

Governors’ Details (for each governor who has served at any point over the past 12 months)

Full Name Category Appointed by Term of Office(no. of years & end date) Resignation Date (If applicable) Committee membership Responsibilities Attendance at Governing Body Meetings 2017/18

No of meetings =3

Margaret Hanrahan  Headteacher Ex-Officio Ex-Officio   All committees                 3/3
Teresa Fitzgerald Staff Staff 4 27/04/20   Teaching and Learning                  3/3
 Michael Brannan LA Governor with effect from 6/6/18 for 4 years LB of Lewisham 4 06/06/22 30/11/21 Premises and Health and Safety

Pupil Discipline

Staff Dismissal Appeals

Link Governor for Health and Wellbeing 3/3
Marta Tabinski


Parent Elected by the Parents 4 02/05/20   Teaching and Learning

Finance,Pay Appeals.

Finance and Personnel Com until Sept 2018

EYFS Link 3/3
Richard Abbs Foundation Archdiocese 4 15/04/20   Premises & Health &Safety

Pay Committee

Staff Dismissal Appeals, Admissions

Chair of Premises and HS Committee 1/3
Katie Groenen Foundation Archdiocese 4 06/10/20   Finance and Personnel Link Governor for the website 2/3
Judith Harvey Foundation Archdiocese 4 15/06/20   Premises and H&SStaff Dismissal Panel   2/3
Claire Hoff Foundation Archdiocese 4 08/04/20   Teaching and Learning

Finance and Personnel



Staff Dismissal Panel

Pupil Discipline


Staff Dismissal Panel

Heads Perf Appraisal

Link Governor SEN and Disadvantaged Pupils

Vice Chair of Govs and Chair of Teaching and Learning Com from March 2018

Theresa Mokogwu Foundation Archdiocese 4 17/03/20   Teaching and Learning,

Complaints Panel,

Staff Dismissal Panel appeals

Link Governor RE 2/3
Fr. C Nnaji Foundation GB 4 17/03/20       3/3
Delphine Phillips Archdiocese GB 4 17/03/20   Finance and Personnel


Pupil Discipline

Link Governor for Safeguarding/Child Protection 3/3
John Ryan Archdiocese GB 4 17/03/20   Finance and Personnel

Premises and H&S

Teaching and Learning



Staff Dismissal Panel

Head’s Performance Appraisal

Chair of Governors, Chair of Finance and Personnel Committee

Chair of Pay Committee

Sheelagh Campbell Deputy Headteacher Attendee                        3/3
Fiona Cullen Send and Inclusion Manager Attendee                        3/3