Welcome to 2M

Dear parents/guardians                        September 2020

I hope that you had an enjoyable and peaceful summer holiday. Despite many changes at school, the children are settling into the class routines and working hard.  I would like to provide you with some information that will help the children in their learning.


It is very important that the children begin their day in a calm manner. We are currently working on a staggered morning drop off from 8.40 to 8.55 where children are welcomed at the gate and walk straight to their class. Be aware that traffic is dreadful at the moment and your journey may take longer than usual so make every effort to be on time so your child is settled for their learning. Yr 2 finish the school day at 2.40 and it is important to collect your child on time as we have staggered ending times so there are less people in the playground.


It is very important to read every day with your child.  They do not need to complete the reading book but encourage them by asking questions about the text.  It is very helpful if you comment in the reading journal, such as, noting words or sounds they found challenging, their comprehension or pace and fluency. Please ensure that your child brings their book and reading journal to school every day.  Don’t forget they can also enjoy books and other reading material from home.


Each week your child will have homework set.  Handwriting, spellings and homework books will be handed out on Friday and returned the following Wednesday and we have a spelling test on Wednesday. It is important that you encourage your child to work at home and return his/her homework on time.  Homework will be consolidating what the children have learnt that week in class.  Your support will be greatly appreciated. 


We will have dance on Wednesday and outdoor PE on Friday. Children are to wear their PE kit to school on these days. 

The Curriculum

We will be providing a broad, creative and stimulating curriculum for the children from the start. I will of course, identify any gaps in learning and put measures in place to support the children as fully as possible. I will also be focusing very much on the mental health and well-being of the children, and support them dealing with anxiety and trauma, will make them feel happy and develop resilience. The RE topic for this half term are Chosen People and Mysteries. Our topic this term is The Great Fire of London. Please see the topic web for further details on what else we will be covering in other subjects.


When entering the class in the morning, children will be asked to wash their hands and will be reminded to do this throughout the day. We have hand sanitiser in class which is available to use.


Children need to bring their own bottle of water to school each day (in a reusable bottle, labelled). This can be refilled during the day and taken home each day to be washed. Drinking fountains are not allowed to be used so are all turned off.

Unfortunately, we won’t be holding parent/teacher meetings face to face this term, but if you have any queries or concerns, please email me jmurphy108.209@lgflmail.org .

Yours Sincerely

Ms Murphy

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