Please click on this link to see our Year 2 Curriculum Map:

Curriculum Map Year 2 



Year 2 Remote Learning & Key Worker


Spring Term Plan


Phonics and spelling patterns


Punctuation and Grammar

Punctuate sentences using capital letters and full stops

To sequences events in a story

To use the past and present tense correctly

Make information leaflets and posters

Focus books:  The Selfish Crocodile

                          Lila and the Secret of Rain




Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

Solve missing numbers and to sequence numbers

Partition numbers in a variety of ways

Solve multiplication and division number sentences

Write the inverse for an addition number sentence


Religious Education

The Good News


The Mass




Animals including Humans

The Big Garden Bird watch




Africa- Looking at different countries in Africa

            Learn about different tribes

            Looking at physical features

Explore Google Earth and be confident in using an atlas


Art / DT

Create African designs

Find interesting facts about a variety of African artists and create their work using paint and pastels

Plan a DT project to make an African drum



Remote learning- To access Google classroom and Google meets



Dance lessons with Artis Performance company, delivered by Wiggle.