We are an eco-friendly school with a commitment to recycling, efficient energy use, promoting sustainable transport and the preservation of wildlife.

A pupil from every class from year 1-6  is elected as an ‘Eco’ rep for the school year. They meet regularly to monitor and improve whole school ‘Eco’ efforts and encourage everyone to be aware of the environment around us and how we care for it.

We have made a bug hotel in our school playground, reduced plastic within our school with the ‘no plastic, you’re fantastic’ lunchtime incentive, organised clean plate days, travel surveys etc. As a school we also recycle batteries, school uniform and organise bike-ability and scooter safety workshops. 

Thank you for all your help and support to improve our local area and world.

Quotes from our ‘Eco’ reps:

“Keep calm and recycle plastic”

“Reduce and reuse”

“It’s important to feed and look after animals”

“It’s exciting and fun being an ‘Eco’ rep because you get to do lots of work about saving the world”


Please click on the link below to see our Sustainable Curriculum Map for each year group:

Our Sustainability Curriculum Plan