St. Winifred’s Catholic Primary  School

Policy on Charging for School Activities


All education and education related activities are, of course, provided free of charge. The only things for which a charge is made are:

  • After school clubs, which are entirely voluntary and not linked to the school curriculum
  • Board and lodging for residential school journeys


However, the school budget is limited and there are some activities which we offer to enrich our teaching and offer the children a wide variety of learning experiences that cost the school money. We ask for voluntary contributions for these activities to allow the limited funds available to the school to be spent on other things to directly benefit the children such as teaching and support staff, equipment and furniture.

Throughout this policy the term ‘activities’ is used to include school trips both residential and non residential, visits to indoor and outdoor venues .


  • The school will never seek to make a profit from charging for activities offered to the children
  • We believe that all children are entitled to take part in all the activities we offer and we will not exclude any child on the basis of non payment of requested contribution
  • Where there is a shortfall in meeting the cost of an activity from voluntary contributions the school will seek to subsidise the trip from either

o    Fund raising or grants etc

o    School budget monies that would otherwise be spent on other teaching and learning priorities

  • The focus of all activities will be on learning and all activities will be selected to support the curriculum
  • The safety of the children and accompanying adults is of paramount importance and will never be compromised in the interest of cost saving
  • We will seek to use public transport wherever practical for reasons of cost and sustainability
  • Children will be offered a variety of activities over the course of their schooling that will fulfil their cultural entitlement
  • Reasonable costs will be a consideration in choice of activities and we will seek to offer a balance between charged and free activities

Voluntary contribution for activities

The total cost of an activity will be calculated by the member of staff organising the activity. This will consist of any transport costs, activity costs and will include the costs for accompanying adults.

This total cost will then be divided between the total number of children who will be eligible to participate in the activity and parents/ carers will be asked to contribute this amount of money.

If there is a shortfall between the cost of the activity and the total amount of contributions made wherever possible the school will make up this shortfall from the curriculum budget (accepting that corresponding savings will have to be made elsewhere). In some instances it might be necessary to cancel an activity if insufficient voluntary contributions are made.

Pupil Premium

Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium will be funded for all school activities, trips and residentials. The receipt of Pupil Premium is for some families a sensitive issue and some may want to make a voluntary contribution to the school.  In this instance the parent should meet with the Headteacher to discuss.

Other areas where charges may be made:

Before and After School Clubs

The same non profit principle will apply. The cost of coaching / materials will be calculated and divided between participants.

Deliberate damage

Where a child deliberately damages property or the fabric of the building parents will be asked to pay the cost of repair or replacement


If a child is unable to attend an activity for any reason any contribution made will not be refundable as the school will still have to pay the cost of that child’s attendance at the activity.