Please click on this link to see our Curriculum Map for Year 1:

Curriculum Map Year 1


Year 1       Spring 2          Journeys and Connections


Including daily phonic lessons and handwriting practice

 Key objectives:

  • To describe characters and settings in stories .
  • To sequence events in stories.
  • To draw inferences on the basis of what is being said and done.
  • To re-tell stories in different formats, e.g. diary entries, newspaper articles and letters.
  • To punctuate sentences using a capital letter, full tops and question marks and exclamation marks where appropriate.

Core texts and stimulus for learning:

  • Reading books from another culture by Floella Benjamin: ‘Coming to England’ – exploring her inspiring migration and journey from Trinidad to England.
  • Fantasy transport stories by author John Burningham: Oi Get off my Train, Mr Gumpy’s Motor car.
  • A range of Non–fiction books on Boats, Aeroplanes and Helicopters.



Key objectives:

  • Continue with daily counting practice from 0-100. Count forwards and backwards in ones, twos, fives and tens.
  • Master recall of number bonds to ten and use this knowledge to find bonds for 20, 30.
  • Identify the most appropriate strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems involving 1-digit and 2-digit numbers to 50.
  • Compare and measure the height and length of objects using non-standard and standard units of measure.
  • Begin to measure with a ruler.
  • Developing an understanding of weight and volume.  
  • Use non-standard units (such as cubes and cups to measure and compare weight and capacity.
  • Solve word problems about length, height, weight and capacity.




  • Idenfity and name a variety of common animals that are birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.
  • Describe and compare these animals.
  • Discuss where these animals live and what they eat.
  • Find out about common pets and learn how to take care of our pets.


Following Jesus

  • Following Jesus and Easter – to learn about some of the things Jesus did as an adult.
  • To learn the story of the Good Samaritan.
  • To prepare for Easter by looking at Lent Promises, Good Friday and the Easter Story.
  • ‘Dear Jesus, help me to be generous.’ – this is our Value focus for this term. We will be sharing stories and thinking about giving, sharing and charity.


Humanities (History and Geography)

  • To examine different forms of transport and communication systems and make comparisons between past and present forms.
  • To develop an understanding of chronology by creating timelines to show how modes of transport and communication have changed over time.
  • What types of transport can we see in the local area? Carry out a traffic survey.


PSHE – Identity, Journeys & Managing our Feelings

  • Identity and Connections – Focusing on pupil’s heritage, exploring it geographically & discussing and celebrating our differences.
  • Zones of Regulation – How we manage our feelings in a positive way.
  • Sustainability – our focus is Healthy Living and Transport.


Art and Design

  • Design and create 3D moving vehicles and a boat that floats.
  • Explore colour and pattern by creating prints with different vehicle wheels.
  • To use charcoal to draw ‘old pictures’ of high wheel Penny Farthing bicycles.
  • Learn about the work of Jacob Lawrence – a black painter who most famously depicted his migration from the South to the North in a form of Cubism artwork.



  • Dance with Artis – led by qualified instructor.
  • PE – Outdoor PE – focus on team games – invasion games (hockey, Netball, football) and circle games.