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Spring Term Newsletter 2021


Nursery Staff

Class Teacher: Jane Budden

Nursery Nurse: Carina Philpot


Happy New Year to all of our families. We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas.


We would like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ for all of our Christmas cards, kind gifts and good wishes.


This term’s theme is Space and features of our planet. We will be starting with the story of ‘How to Catch a Star’.


Each week our classroom and home learning enhancements, across all the areas of learning, will be based around this terms topic.


During the first week for example, we will use creative, maths, language and physical skills to build small and large space rockets, we will use maths and language skills to learn and sing space themed counting rhymes, we will use listening and literacy skills to hear initial sounds e.g. the sssss sound at the beginning of star and space, we will use our creative and physical skills to pretend to be aliens or rockets, we will use our mark making and literacy skills to practice writing our names in moon dust, we will use our maths skills to count and sort aliens and so much more.


As the term progresses we will transition from our space theme into looking specifically at our planet and it’s features e.g. land and sea, rivers, mountains, jungles, deserts etc.


During the Winter months, if your child is attending Nursery, please make sure your child attends Nursery with a waterproof jacket each day. Additional hats/scarfs etc may be needed if the weather is cold. Please ensure all clothing is labelled with your child’s name. We have permanent markers in class that you are welcome to use to write on labels if you need to do so.


Please be aware children may become slightly messy or slightly damp from playing outside. Children learn a great deal from playing in different weather conditions. Please rest assured that your children will not be left in soaking wet clothing for the whole session. Please be sure to return any clothes borrowed from school. We are a little low on supplies as a result of clothes not being returned last term. Please return these items ASAP. Donations of clothes also gratefully received!

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