Autumn 1 Term 2021


A big welcome to all the children joining us this year!

This is a very exciting time for our new starters.

This half term we will be focussing on settling the children into their new environment.


  • Children enter the Nursery via the Early Years entrance. They will say goodbye to parents at this entrance and will then be lovingly supported by all three members of the Nursery Team into their classroom.

Class Teacher: Mrs Budden

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Philpot

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hitchin

  • On arrival into the Nursery each morning, we will help them to find their tray and put away their book bag, find their coat pegs and hang up their coats and, wash their hands before finding their named photo card for self-registration. After this they will begin self-selecting from a wide variety of stimulating resources, activities, and experiences.
  • During a great part of each day the children have something called ‘free flow’. Free Flow is when the children can move freely between the classroom and outside area. At several points during the day we will also use the grass area and, or MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) for more physical activities including riding on tricycles and scooters, climbing on A-Frames, taking part in ball games, building with large construction resources, circle games etc.
  • All transitions are announced by gently ringing a bell. When the bell is rung, the children raise their hands and wriggle their fingers ready to listen to simple verbal announcements or instructions. Visual prompts are also shown to support the children when necessary.
  • Every day we have ‘Snack and a Story Time’. This is when the children sit on the carpet or, weather permitting, on the grass outside, to enjoy a healthy fruit snack and a drink from their water bottle whilst listening to a story. Milk is also available throughout the day at the snack table.
  • Full time children go to lunch at 11.30. After visiting the toilet, they line up and are taken to the dinner hall by Mrs Philpot (Nursery Nurse), Mrs Hitchin (Teaching Assistant) and Bev (Lunchtime Supervisor).

Lining Up Song

(Sung to the tune of, ‘Skip to my Lou’.)

Make, make, make a line.

Make, make, make a line.

Make, make, make a line.

Make a line together.

Initially the children will be seated and their food brought to them. Later in the year they will learn to line up to choose their food and then carry it back to their tables by themselves.

  • Morning children will be collected from the Early Years entrance at 11.45 and afternoon children will be dropped off at 11.50 at the Early Years entrance. Afternoon children should have eaten lunch before arriving at school. Parents collecting the morning children should line up on the left-hand side of the EY’s entrance and parents dropping off the afternoon children should line up on the right-hand side of the EYs’ entrance. Please wait for all the children to be collected before attempting to drop off your afternoon child.
  • During the first few weeks and, if necessary beyond, we will ring a bell at regular intervals to help to remind the children to use the toilet.

Toilet Time Song

(To the tune of, ‘The Farmers in the Den’.)

To toilet we must go!

To toilet we must go!

If you feel the need to go,

To toilet we must go.

  • At the end of the school day, the children will gather on the carpet ready for home time. Parents will enter the school via the main gate and make their way round to the Early Years building to collect their children from their classes at 3pm.
  • Once we feel the children are ready, we will begin sending home picture books that will be chosen by your child and sent home in their book bags twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.


The Autumn term begins with the topic ‘All About Me!’. We will encourage the children to talk about themselves and also about their families for example, who is in their family, their pets, what they celebrate in their families e.g. birthdays, special events and, their favourite toys, TV programmes etc. 

Please send in, or email a picture of your family plus, if you wish, any other photos of things your child would like to share e.g. pets, toys, grandparents, holiday snaps etc.

These photos will be displayed on your child’s special square on our ‘Learning Journey’ wall display and will greatly help your child to settle in their new setting and will encourage them to talk about their family and interests too.

Please email or send in a hard copy of a photo of your family.



In the Early Years, we plan each term around a broad topic and key texts, but we are also very keen to follow the children’s interests, which are not always the same as ours! Our flexible approach allows the children to choose the path to their own learning and follow what they are interested in, within each topic.


  • Book Bag
  • Reusable and named water bottle
  • Spare clothes in a named cloth tote or plastic bag to be kept in school on child’s peg. Please supply, socks x2, pants x2, top and joggers or leggings.
  • Labelled and weather appropriate coat. NB When buying a winter jacket, please ensure it is waterproof and has a hood.
  • Weather appropriate footwear. NO SHOELACES PLEASE.