St. Winifred’s  PE and Sports Grant 2019 – 2020

The purpose of this grant is to improve the provision of PE and sport so that all pupils develop positive active attitudes and healthy lifestyles. The grant is £19,110 for our school.

Sports and physical development are a very high priority at this school and we recognise the importance of this area to well-being, confidence, self-esteem and health. We are very proud of our achievements in all areas of sport. Funding provided by Sports premium has a significant impact on all our pupils. Covid restrictions impacted on some of our provision this year but we continued as far as possible with pupils who attended throughout lockdown.

How are we spending the money?

St. Winifred’s has used this grant to fund coaches during lunch playtime. The coaches support our Midday Supervisors in organising games to ensure that the children are actively engaged in sport throughout playtime. The short fall in funding this provision is made up from the school budget. We believe this is the best possible use of this funding for our school community as it ensures every child has the opportunity to take part in sports activities every day.

We have also funded football coaching for girls each Friday to build their confidence and skills in this area.

We fund swimming lessons for all our pupils in years 5 and 6 to enable them to become competent swimmers. We were only able to provide this for Year 5 this year because the pools closed and transport was withdrawn.

We have funded dance lessons for one term for all pupils. This has supported our teachers in this area and ensured high quality delivery of this area. We will continue this provision for all pupils during 2020/2021 as it has been so successful.

What does PE Delivery at St. Winifred’s look like?

The Curriculum

The Curriculum at St. Winifred’s is broad, challenging and fun! Pupils play Volleyball, Tri-ball, and diamond football as well as traditional sports. Autumn term offered Football, Quick sticks Hockey, Dance and Running.   This spring term, the emphasis was on Gymnastics and Dance. Pupils attending in the summer term took part in Athletics, Cricket and a wide range of non-contact sports.

Our pupils have lots of areas to enable opportunities for sport and physical development.

Our Early Years pupils have a beautiful outdoor area which has a fixed climbing area. This has been chosen to develop a wide range of skills. The children also have access to larger areas such as the MUGA for a range of physical activities and playground areas for cycling.


Every pupil in year 5 received Swimming lessons from qualified staff at Glass Mills centre, once every week for 10 sessions. Children were also encouraged to take advantage of free swimming lessons in local pools.

As soon as Covid restrictions are lifted, we will resume swimming lessons for our Year 5 and 6 pupils. We will use additional Sports Premium to target these pupils.

Facilities & Equipment

We have recently purchased new Basketball hoops and nets for our goal posts. We have a very well equipped PE resource area and this is regularly stocked as equipment wears out. Playtime and lunchtime equipment is also available for all children to ensure all are active and engaged. We have a beautiful MUGA and a range of astro turfed areas around the school.

Sporting visitors

Platform cricket came to work with our year 4 pupils to encourage them to learn and develop a love of this sport.

All our Midday Supervisors took part in a day of training led by Jenny Mosley in March. This focused on supporting pupils to be active during playtimes and helped staff to become more involved in leading activities.

Lunchtime Provision

We have employed a sports leader to run PE and sporting activities with the children every lunchtime, giving every child a chance to practise skills and compete with each other regularly in a safe and controlled zone of the playground. This is sustainable because some of our school midday supervisors are joining in games and learning to lead these activities with a view to taking on this role in the future.

Competition in PE and Sport

Children get the chance to compete against their peers at school and children from other schools. So far this year we have competed against other schools, in, Athletics and Football. This builds their confidence and love of sport. All summer term events were cancelled due to Covid.

Fun Events

This year we have continued to take part in the ‘daily mile’. All our classes take part in this as frequently as possible and we have seen an impact on fitness and well-being in our school.

Outward bound and adventure

Our Year 2, 4 and 6 trips were cancelled due to Covid.

Extra-Curricular provision

We are very proud of our out-of-hours activities. Whereas these activities are mostly charged for; subsidies can always be arranged. Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium are not charged for activities. The price of each clubs is very good value, offering varied and enriching experiences, together with a social and fun element.

We have sports clubs run both by professional coaches, or dedicated highly skilled parents. The clubs currently include Football, Multi sports, Dance and Buzz Fit. These ran until March but then had to be cancelled. We will restart when safe to do so.

St. Winifred’s PE and Sports Grant 2020– 2021

Our sports Grant for 2020 – 2021 will be £19,110

We are again spending the biggest part of this on our lunch time coach. This will ensure a very consistent approach and a model which is tailored to suit the needs of our pupils. She works for 1.5 hours each day so all pupils are encouraged to take part in active sports. She is particularly skilled at encouraging girls to take part in activities.

Our dance teacher will work with all our pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 for a term this year. We have bought into a match-funded dance offer from Artis to provide dance for all our pupils from years 1, 2 and 3 throughout this year. This began in September and is excellent. This will use the remainder of our funding.

When Covid restrictions are lifted:

Each of our Year 5 and 6 pupils will be taking part I swimming lessons to support them in achieving swimming targets.

We will resume our after-school sports provision and will support any pupil who would like to take part in sports clubs at school but would otherwise not be able to afford this.

We will continue with all activities as in previous years from our main school budget.

October 2020

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