St. Winifred’s  PE and Sports Grant 2019 – 2020

The purpose of this grant is to improve the provision of PE and sport so that all pupils develop positive active attitudes and healthy lifestyles. The grant is £18,000 for our school.

Sports and physical development are a very high priority at this school and we recognise the importance of this area to well being, confidence, self-esteem and health. We are very proud of our achievements in all areas of sport and this year we achieved Gold level Sports mark. Funding provided by Sports premium has a significant impact on all our pupils. 

How are we spending the money?

St. Winifred’s has used this grant to fund coaches during lunch playtime. The coaches support our Midday Supervisors in organising games to ensure that the children are actively engaged in sport throughout playtime. The short fall in funding this provision is made up from the school budget. We believe this is the best possible use of this funding for our school community as it ensures every child has the opportunity to take part in sports activities every day.

We have also funded football coaching for our football teams on Saturday mornings to enable them to participate in the league. Our children have done really well again this year.

We fund swimming lessons for all our pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 to enable them to become competent swimmers.

We have funded dance lessons for one term for all pupils. This has supported our teachers in this area and ensured high quality delivery of this area.

What does PE Delivery at St. Winifred’s look like?

The Curriculum

The Curriculum at St. Winifred’s is broad, challenging and fun! New sports have been introduced such as Volleyball, Tri-ball, and diamond football. Traditional sports are also covered, Autumn term offered Football, Quicksticks Hockey and Running.   This Spring term, the emphasis is on Gymnastics and Dance  Looking forward to Summer term; Athletics and Cricket.

Now that our building project is complete, our children have lots of new areas to enable opportunities for sport and physical development.

Our Early Years pupils have a beautiful new outdoor area which has a fixed climbing area. This has been chosen to develop a wide range of skills. The children also have access to larger areas such as the MUGA for a range of physical activities


Every child  from year 4 to year 6, receives Swimming lessons from qualified staff at Glass Mills centre, every week for half a term a year. Children are also encouraged to take advantage of free swimming lessons in local pools.

At the end of this academic year  2017/ 2018 : 87% of our 6 pupils can competently swim 25 m plus.

85% can swim a range of strokes and and are competent in rescue. 

In the academic year 2018 – 2019 we will be targeting years 5 and 6 ensuring these pupils have additional sessions to enable all pupils to be competent at 25m and rescue. We will use additional Sports Premium to target these pupils.

A number of our pupils are extremely competent swimmers and took part in the Lewisham Gala this year.

Facilities & Equipment

We have recently purchased new Basketball hoops and nets for our goal posts. We have a very well equipped PE resource area and this is regularly stocked as equipment wears out. Playtime and lunchtime equipment is also available for all children to ensure all are active and engaged. We have a beautiful new MUGA and a range of astro turfed areas around the school.

Sporting visitors

In the Autumn term Get Cycling visited the Newstead Road Site with a range of amazing bicycles for all the children to try. All the Reception and Year 1 children walked up to take part in their sessions.  This was combined with a healthy eating workshop and a smoothie bike. Many of our children took part in the fitness challenge following these sessions and received awards.

In the spring term, Bikeability spent 2 1/2 days teaching our year 3 children to cycle. They will return in the summer term  for the all-important road safety & competent cycle riding workshops for our year 6  children.

In the summer term all our year 2 children will be taking part in a scooter training day.


Lunchtime Provision

From the start of the Autumn term 2013, we have employed sports leaders to run PE and sporting activities with the children EVERY lunchtime, giving every child a chance to practise skills and compete with each other regularly in a safe and controlled zone of the playground. This is sustainable because some of our school midday supervisors are joining in games and learning to lead these activities with a view to taking on this role in the future. In 2018 one of our staff is taking part in coaching training so that she can tale a lead in this area. We will then be able to use our sports funding to promote another area of sport.

Competition in PE and Sport

Children get the chance to compete against their peers at school and children from other schools. So far this year we have competed against  other schools, in Swimming, Athletics and Football. This builds their confidence and love of sport.

Fun Events

Staying active and healthy is easy when you’re enjoying yourself!

Each year we have a day of sporting events for all our pupils. This is organised and led by our Year 6 pupils and parents/carers are invited. This is always a great event.

This year we are going to launch the daily mile during Sports week. We want to ensure that we are able to sustain this to make a real impact on fitness and well being in our school.

Our classes regularly use Northbrook park and Manor Park for sports activities.

Outward bound and adventure

Every Child attends outward bound field trips during Summer term Year 5, to experience orienteering and puzzle solving. Our Year 6 trip is a gruelling 4 day adventure to the Isle of Wight, giving the children experience in climbing, abseiling, archery, sailing, rowing, kayaking, orienteering, problems solving and map reading. Phew!

Our year 2 and 4 children have also taken part in  residential visits to activity centres and the school supports any pupil who cannot pay to ensure these opportunities are open to all.

Extra-Curricular provision

We are very proud of our out-of-hours activities. Whereas these activities are mostly charged for; subsidies can always be arranged. Pupils in receipt of Pupil Premium are not charged for activities. The price of each clubs is very good value, offering varied and enriching experiences, together with a social and fun element.

We have sports clubs run both by professional coaches, or dedicated highly skilled parents. The clubs have included Football, Multi sports, Street Dance, Zumba Dance, Multi-sports, Cricket, Basketball and Netball . We had to suspend these during our building programme.